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Apr 28, 2009 07:59 PM

best inexpensive sushi in SF

Any quality sushi places that are resonable. I eat too much and it always cost me a fortune. Only place Ive been to is the place on Church in the castro but its not the best sushi.

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  1. FYI: If you're talking about Nippon aka "No Name" - it closed.

    I don't generally seach out sushi based on price but I do find the sushi at the two grocery stores in Japantown to be very reasonable.

    I like places like K's Kitchen that offer more than just sushi. Mostly because I can augment the meal with less expensive side dishes and then splurge on just the very best fish.

    Nippon Sushi
    314 Church St, San Francisco, CA

    K's Kitchen
    757 Monterey Blvd, San Francisco, CA

    1. Kitaro on 22nd and Geary and Kiki in the inner sunset on 9th ave are both reasonably priced sushi. Nothing special but they are both cheap.
      Kitaro is usually busy with a line which usually means fresher fish.