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Apr 28, 2009 07:09 PM

Gourmet mag author says Schwartz better than Katz

Was nursing a bit of a hangover at La Cabane on Saturday, reading the Mirror and Hour, hoping at least to find an interesting resto review...
Came across a quote by Robert Sietsama, Gourmet magazine contributor. Don't remember the wording exactly, but he said Schwartz smoked meat is better than Katz pastrami.

The article is here
and he says "I love Katz’s pastrami more than life itself, and I’ve eaten literally hundreds of these pastrami sandwiches, but I still found Schwartz’s marginally better.”

OK, its something we've known all along, just fun to hear a New Yorker admit it...

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  1. A sample size of one plus your own biased opinion is enough to allow you to make that assertion? The truth is more something like this: some people prefer Katz better, some people prefer Schwartz better. Proving which one is better is impossible and fruitless.

    Also, take into consideration that Mr. Sietsama claims to have eaten hundreds of those pastrami sandwiches. I promise you that if you eat hundreds of anything, they will no longer seem as amazing.

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    1. hmm. this will probably rouse some bitterness.
      I am happy about the [New York] author's conclusion!!

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      1. re: alixium

        One down. Now if he will just own up about the bagels. :-)

        1. re: rcianci

          At least the sandwiches could be considered a close competition... but the bagels!?! C'mon! This should be obvious =D

          These conversations are fun and interesting partially because we all like to feel that we live somewhere awesome and that we haven't made the wrong decisions in life (living in Montreal vs NYC, for example). Luckily for us, Montreal IS awesome. You could write a book about the human tendency of exaggerating the greatness of their own life decisions. After all, some people even pretend to like that other city I lived in.,, Imagine.

          1. re: The Chemist

            As a fellow-WInnipeg transplant, I happen to really like that other city you lived in, but for different reasons. Now it is true they have no Schwartz or Katz, but there are a lot of really wonderful food moments there that I have not had in bigger cities.

            Isn't this what it is all about? Food is so intricately intertwined with emotions, memories, environment, personalities. There are food-obsessed people all over the world, and nothing brings me as great joy as when I am lucky enough to encounter these fine folk and create a stunning food memory that speaks of time, place and people. There is no geographic epicenter of food and gastronomy, that epicenter is present in the hearts and guts of those who value good food and the company it keeps.

            Wow. Really trying to kill time until Schwartzes opens.....

            1. re: moh

              Let the record show that I also lived in the Peg and loved every minute of it... even when my car didn't start.