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Apr 28, 2009 07:07 PM

Addicted to Cola what else to have to

get off so I can stop the sugar but still have the taste without chemicals? I need one everyday is that very bad? HELP PLEASE

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  1. When I kicked soda and still wanted the bubbles I'd do club soda and some of the sugar free syrups that you get in the coffee section (DaVinci, Monin, etc.) I liked the Cherry and Blood Orange flavors, kinda like an Italian Soda. I don't know if there's a Cola flavored one, but I'm sure if there is, it wont taste like Coke or Pepsi so most people probably wouldn't like it.

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    1. re: Azizeh

      I second club soda. I like it with just lime juice. If you want it sweet, add some simple syrup. To me, this is infinitely more refreshing than caustic cola.

      1. re: Agent Orange

        I like about three parts lime seltzer to one part cranberry juice cocktail. Keeps the sugar way down while still providing flavor and fizz.

      2. re: Azizeh

        In a regular supermarket you can get these syrups or a a liquor store? Thanks

        1. re: nbermas

          I've found this a refreshing change from my normal six-a-day diet cola habit:

          Slice some fresh ginger, add a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, and a couple of envelopes of sugar substitute (plus a squeeze of honey if you like). Dissolve in half a litre of boiling water, and let steep for half an hour. Refrigerate. Put an ounce or so in the bottom of a glass, and top with either cold water or soda water (if you want the fizz). I find this really helps settle my stomach after a meal.

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          I think the italian soda idea is a good one. When I quit sodas I did club soda with cran raspberry dumped into it. I too missed the bubbles.

          If you need sugar, make some goodies - little chocolate chip cookies, brownies... Something you can cut up into small nips to get you over the hump.

          When I was working I drank probably 8 sodas per day (diet). Eventually, you get over it.

          1. re: Sal Vanilla

            Sal Vanilla: The sugar is whats I need to stop so does the italian soda have sugar? I drink only 1-1/2 per day but I can't anymore.

            1. re: nbermas

              The classic recipe for an italian soda is club soda, some sort of flavoring syrup (fruit-flavored, normally, but there are a few other choices), and cream, if desired. The only sugar in that would be in the flavoring, but I think there's a few sugar-free brands out there, or you could always make your own, then it would only have *natural* sugar, not refined sugar.

        3. First, I personally don't think there's anything wrong with having a soda addiction. There are much worse things to put in your body.

          That said, if you want an alternative, try flavored seltzers. If you're one of those diet soda drinkers, there are many fruit flavored diet seltzers -- and the lime flavored ones taste an awful lot like 7-Up or Sprite.

          Sometimes I also like to make "soda tea". I'll brew up some really strong flavored green or black tea -- I mean really strong stuff. Then I dilute it with soda water, or ginger ale, refrigerate and then serve chilled. It's like carbonated iced tea.

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          1. re: ipsedixit

            "First, I personally don't think there's anything wrong with having a soda addiction. There are much worse things to put in your body."

            There may well be, but soda is way up there. Taking in the insane quantity of sugar contained in soda (especially when you're talking about several a day) has got to be one of the foremost contributing causes of the epidemic of obesity and juvenile-onset diabetes in this country.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              I have to agreewith BobB, the stuff is nasty. Not only is the sugar horrible, the chemicals just don't belong in a human body. Even with diet sodas, the side effects of these and the caffine aren't healthy.

              Years ago, without any other change to my diet or exercise, I gave up my pack a day diet soda addiction and lost 30 lbs.

              Learn to love water - add a squeeze of lemon/lime or a spring of mint/parsley for variety.

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                So as not to hijack this discussion I posted my ravings on the subject in a new thread at

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                  I've gotta agree - nasty stuff indeed . . . osteoporosis, diabetes, and of course dental caries if you're taking in the sugared variety all take a huge toll on health and are strongly linked to the consumption of carbonated sugared drinks. The artificially sweetened ones can't be much better because of all the chemicals. Maybe try that great sounding recipe using tamarind from Maria below and sweetening it with something like Stevia which is a natural sweetener (available at trader joe's) and going light on the carbonation . . .

                  1. re: vday

                    vday: I agree about the health concerns want to stop before I get any illness at all. I am going to try to make Maria's drink this week. Thanks

              2. First, you could explore the variety of low-sugar colas out there. And if you just don't like the taste of a diet soda but otherwise would partake, try Coke Zero or the Diet Coke with Splenda. (Personally, I don't like that. I prefer regular Diet Coke.)

                Perrier is good for a nice carbonation jolt. When you're tinkering with club soda, for what it's worth I prefer Canada Dry - more fizz than some others - and along with lime I've had some luck using dashes of angostura bitters... you could also try other bitters. That adds some of the depth a cola has. You can sweeten a little to taste with your choice of sweeteners, diet or otherwise... just go really light on it. Agave nectar is very good, has similar calories to sugar but a much lower glycemic index (is absorbed into the system more slowly).

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                1. re: Cinnamon

                  i believe that the low calorie colas are strongly linked to osteoporosis.
                  no colas seem to be ok

                2. I understand your addiction...well sort of. I was addicted to Diet Sunkist for about 15 years...crazy I know. I had to have one a day. I would come home from work, crack open that can of pop like a beer. Ahh..I really enjoyed that soda. I got off the stuff after friends kept telling me how bad diet soda was for me...especially the citrus flavor cause of the acid. I slowly weaned myself off the stuff drinking the flavored soda waters.

                  1. hey OP-- you can do it. i recently stopped drinking soda myself. it feels really good to get rid of that last ball & chain. there are a lot of fizzy drinks out there, folks will tell you to replace the bad soda with the not-quite-so-bad for you soda. . . that's great if it works for you. for me, i'd drink the expensive happy soda for a while-- then slide back into nasty cheap soda from a machine when i was having a bad day. i was never able to fully kick that habit until i gave up sweet fizzys of all kinds for a couple-three weeks. i drank water. plain, non-fizzy water. sometimes a cup of tea. haven't had soda in months-- but cracked a can to go with pizza last week. had a few sips, then saran-wrapped the can for the next day and went back to my glass of water :) i no longer really dig soda (though i don't beat myself up if i drink soda socially (omg gimme a break, if my 20-year-old self could see me now)), and i feel much better. it's about breaking the habit, *any* habit-- you always find out you never needed it in the first place.