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the quest for cobbler

I have an intense desire for cobbler right now.

Where can I get some?

The best non-homemade cobbler I've yet had in this town is at Flossie's. Little buttermilk dumplings floating in the middle - definitely old school southern, not the crumbly-top school. Other recommendations for all sorts of cobbler?

I remember driving through Inglewood one day and seeing *two* places with cobbler in the name. Haven't been though.

Recommend to me, please.


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    1. Actually, the type of cobbler you're describing refers to a "grunt" which while technically a cobbler, is actually from the New England school of cobblers. Just FYI.

      1. Come down to the Irvine FM with me. There's often (but not always) a guy who sells homemade cobblers and also gumbo from a stall. Deeeeeeeeeelicious.

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        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          Which Irvine FM? Is it the one at University center on Campus on the weekends? Gumbo AND Cobbler??? I'm there!!!!! Plus, it's reeeeeal close to me!!!

          1. re: Warmsandz

            That's the one. When he's there he's next to the peanut vendor and the Baker's Best stand. It's cobbler, though, not a grunt like Thi described.

            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              I'm open. I'm easy. I like grunts and cobblers both.

              Though I have at least one Southern book that claims the buttermilk dough as deeply Southern and traditional and calls it a cobbler, and dismisses the powdered top as an invasion from the Midwest... I'll see if I can find the book.

              I like both. Keep the recc's coming.

              1. re: Thi N.

                Midwest Boy here, and I have to say that the only cobblers I ever met growing up had biscuit tops. In fact, what defined cobbler and distinguished it from pie was the lack of any bottom crust and the biscuit on top. I will add that this was a single large piece of biscuit, not a layer of smaller ones, which I believe is the distinguishing characteristic of a grunt.

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                Well I'm definately gonna be there!!! I have never been to the IFM, so I'm looking forward to it !

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              what's the days and hours of this farmer's market. if i happen to be in orange/tustin, i;ll definitely have to make a detour. also, what;'s the address or rather cross streets

              1. re: kevin

                Bridge and Stanford, Irvine, behind In-N-Out, Saturdays 0800-1200, rain or shine.

                He is not there every week. I don't know his schedule. You Have Been Warned. ;-)

            3. Not what you are looking for but check out The Cobbler Lady on Crenshaw. Kobbler King on Jefferson is also good, not as good as Cobblery Lady but he does a strawberry cobbler when in season. Flossies is very good also. There was a guy Donnie's, he has disappeared.

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                yeah! we dropped by the Kobbler King yesterday and the strawberry cobblers were there! it had a flaky top and the bottom was lined with the same flaky layers. it was sprinkled with sugar and tasted just a bit salty, which nicely balanced out the sweetness of the fillings. i was pleasantly surprised by the big, whole strawberries in the filling. very satisfying. i've never had the ones from Cobbler Lady so I can't compare. it was quite big and heavy, and definitely worth the $5 we paid. the man at the counter said they currently have bread pudding too!

              2. I have not had but I heard Big Mista BBQ does a good cobbler.

                1. Here's one NOT to try: Cynthia's on Montana in SM.

                  Went tonight. Dinner was complete waste of time and tummy space. But that's another story. Had higher hopes for dessert.

                  They had two cobbler options: blackberries and peach. Having made a blackberry cobbler a few days ago, I opted for the peach. It was, possibly, the worst "cobbler" I've ever, EVER eaten. Seriously, significantly worse than a frozen Marie Callendars cobbler. It was served warm in a pretty good-sized individual ramekin. There were maybe just over half a dozen mushy slivers of peach in it. They were swimming in a soupy, liquid mess. No body to it. It was greasy without having any great butter flavor. The predominant flavor was salt, with this weird, sour-metallic aftertaste. I love salt. But this was ridiculously over the top salty. The worst part? There was no proper pastry on it. (That's why the quotation marks around "cobbler." Doesn't it have to have some kind of pastry to qualify?) What we got instead was brown sugar. In clumps. It was still gritty and granulated. With a healthy dose of salt mixed into it, as well. I wondered if they had forgotten the flour? But no, I was told, it's the way they make it. Hm.

                  Even my husband, who is the least particularly eater I know (so, so sad but true), found it inedible.

                  And it was $9. $12, then $11 with the ice cream. (They overcharged us, then corrected it.)


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                  1. re: Raspberries

                    that's really sad.

                    the blackberry cobbler (at the cynthia's on 3rd st.) is perhaps one of my favorite desserts in LA.

                    1. re: Emme

                      you know, the server did recommend the blackberry enthusiastically, over the peach. I've just been having so many blackberry desserts I just couldn't do it.

                      Is there pastry, crust, crumble on the blackberry cobbler? The meal was so poor, I doubt we'd go back to try it (especially with blackberry bushes all around our yard and happy cobbler-making hands), but wondering if mine was some kind of fluke?

                      1. re: Raspberries

                        It's crumbly crust... oh boy is it good, like a brown sugary oaty on some level so goodness...

                        1. re: Emme

                          hm, odd. Not a hint of an oat or anything resembling a crust to be found anywhere.

                          Kevin, the fried chicken was the meal's only saving grace. Certainly not good enough to warrant a return visit, but actually better than decent. (I'm a dark meat girl, though, so boneless, skinless chicken breast is a little wrong to me.) If you go, do NOT get the pork chop, under any circumstances.

                    2. re: Raspberries

                      i was going to try it for the fried chicken and blackberry cobbler but if there are more notices like that i'll just stay away. that sounds awful.

                      1. re: kevin

                        the fried chicken is very peppery and skinless, which while a bit healthier is somewhat odd to me. my parents always liked it, but i never understood it. i ordered something simple, just to get to dessert.

                        when i did tastings for my sweet sixteen that was supposed to be at cynthia's on third, the crab cakes were good, as were the dumplings. the risotto was meh. back when i could eat it, the bread/rolls were good.

                        1. re: Emme

                          emme, have you been to the cynthia's in santa monica?

                          so the fried chicken is basically breaded and fried chicken cutlets?

                          1. re: kevin

                            have not been to samo.

                            i can only assume it's the same across town but you could call and inquire...

                            on 3rd st, it is boneless chicken battered and fried, but for fried chicken, i'd say they're pretty light - not heavily greasy or dripping in any way. as dry as i think you can ask for. the batter is crunchy, but heavy in pepper.

                        2. re: kevin

                          I picked up fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy yesterday for dinner. The fried chicken breasts may have been the best I have ever tasted. I like well-seasoned chicken breasts and these were a peppery and garlicky. The mashed potatoes could become addictive; they were that delicious. Best thing about those fried chicken breasts is how moist they were. Cynthia told me to put them in oven at 375 for 10 minutes. The outside crisped right up and the inside stayed very moist. Even delicious cold for lunch today. Re: Cobbler: picked one up and was told to bake at home in skillet in oven at 450 for 6 minutes. It was way too sweet and liquid for my taste. I'll definitely return for the chicken, but not the cobbler. I am interested in trying breakfast one of these dayts.

                          1. re: maudies5

                            are you talking about cynthia's on montana? i'll have to check it out soon, time permitting. since i'm not usually on the westside or santa monica for that matter.

                            1. re: maudies5

                              Right. Cynthia's on Montana, between 14th & 15th St., across driveway from Kiehls.

                        3. There's a cobbler guy next to my barber's shop on Catalina a half-block north from Colorado in Pasadena. The smell drives me nuts every time I go for a haircut. I might get one sometime if I need to bring dessert somewhere - I'd get "cobblered" for sure if I dared bring one home! - but I've tasted his stuff just once, at a multiethnic foods program put on by the local Historical Society one night. It's of the solid-top-crust variety, very rich and delicious.


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                          1. re: Will Owen

                            They do a good cobbler, and I think they use honey as a sweetener, but their cobblers are on the sweeter side for me, not overly sweet, just sweeter than The Cobbler Lady of The Kobbler King. Those 3 are my top 3 choices, The Cobbler Lady, The Kobbler King & Gourmet Cobbler Factory.

                            1. re: Burger Boy

                              Just tried the peach cobbler from The Cobbler Lady and it was divine!

                              1. re: ciaochow

                                The peach and cherry from Cobbler Lady are wonderful. They also do a sugar-free cobbler sweetened with agave juice. The peach is excellent. The cherry is a bit runny.

                                1. re: jay 1

                                  I hate cherry pie and cobbler! I will eat cherry cobbler 7 days a week and twice on sunday!