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Apr 28, 2009 05:44 PM

Best Wings In Memphis???


Newish Memphian searching for the best hot wings the Bluff City has to offer. Had Alex's drummies and smoked wings at Central. Where should I head next?? Thanks!

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  1. My favorites are the wings at Cozy Corner, but D'bo's is probably the best known. Hezbollah or something like that in Orange Mound has a good rep.

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      As an avid and experienced wing consumer, Chings Wings on Getwell is the way to go. Places like Dbos and Mr. P's are ok, but they do not compare.

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        I think you mean "Hephzibah"! :)

      2. I second Chings Wings on Getwell. I think those wings are delicious. D'bo's is decent. I've had good and bad depending on the location.

        I've heard great things about Best Wings of Memphis. It's at 2390 Summer. I plan to give those a try soon.

        1. Thanks so much! I'll definitely put these on my "to do" list...appreciate the feedback :)

          1. You must try the wings at both the Bayou and at Molly's. I know that it sounds crazy recommending wings from a gumbo shop and from a Tex-Mex place, but trust me.

            Welcome to Memphis. I'm also a big fan of Ching's, Alex's and the dry wings at Central.

            1. I agree that the wings at Molly's are fantastic! Very unique. They are not Buffalo style, but who cares, they are great. I also have to add that the wings at Soul Fish are amazing- they put them atop a bed of their great french fries and they soak up the excess sauce. I have not had a bad meal at Soul Fish, they have the best Cuban sandwich in town.

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                If you like Molly's then you'll probably like the Bayou too. The Bayou's wings have a similar flavor, but are much more wet and messy.

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                  I love Bayou's wings! Are they coated in Parmesan? They sort of taste like it.