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Pepsi Natural, Throwback or MexiCoke in the Hudson Valley?

Are there any stores in the NY Hudson Valley or Albany Capital area selling Pepsi Throwback, Pepsi Natural or Mexican Coca Cola? I occasionally find Mexican Cokes at small restaurants, but no one selling six packs or more....

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  1. i *believe* that a couple of the mexican places on main street in poughkeepsie sell the mexican coca cola (i know, the different kind) but i can't remember which ones.

    called a couple places yesterday to check on the pepsi throwback (stop and shop, kmart) in poughkeepsie and they knew about it, didn't have it...

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      and to follow up...

      they're not in the poughkeepsie area. called a bunch of stores, none of them had it. one of them had the pepsi delivery man *in the store*, and he didn't even know what it was!

      also, the mexican cokes i mentioned above were only individuals, so that doesn't count. sorry....

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        Thank you for calling around.... Looks like we are out of luck in this area. On another board, someone posted a link to a page run by Pepsi which allows a search for any Pepsi product within 50 miles of a specified location:


        Unfortunately, it appears that Pepsi Throwback and Pepsi Natural are
        not currently distributed in MHV or the Capital region.
        Oh well, I needed a excuse for a road trip soon anyway... ;-)

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          no prob; however, as of a few days ago, that link wasn't representative of where the pepsi was. i checked on a couple sites, found some places where people had purchased it (ie. target at west hartford, and i think someone saw them in danbury, as well as nyc) and put those zip codes into the pepsi search engine. they also returned a "not available within 50 miles" message.

    2. got this back from pepsi.
      "Thank you for contacting us at Pepsi-Cola regarding the availability
      of Pepsi Throwback. I am sincerely sorry that I am not able to assist
      you with your request. Unfortunately, the bottler in your area has
      decided not to carry / distribute this product.

      We do operate under a franchise bottler system and as such, bottlers
      have the freedom to decide which product flavors and package sizes
      they will offer. For this reason, local availability can vary across
      the country."

      1. I saw Pepsi Throwback in the A&P on Central Ave. in Scarsdale last night while shopping...and they're having a 4/$11 sale on 12-packs.

        1. I found Pepsi Throwback in a Hess Gas Station mart in Ballston Spa last evening, of all places. They had single bottles as well as cases.

          I have not had a chance to see if other Hess stations further south (Capitol Dist) also now have them, or if other kinds of stores have now gotten them in also, but I will take a look around.

          Never occurred to me to check gas stations and convenience stores rather than supermarkets and big box stores but that is where it was.

          1. ps - so much for pepsi's accuracy in telling us where to find it. Just have to look.

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              The scarsdale Gristedes (the One in the Golden Horseshoe Shopping Plaza, you know with the Supersol and seven woks etc.) has pepsi natural

            2. There is a restaurant/grocery store in Sparkill NY (Rockland County) called La Bamba that sells Mexican Coke. I have never seen Pepsi there though.

              La Bamba Grocery
              627 Main St, Sparkill, NY

              1. on mexican coke..stopped in a few stores on poughkeepsie main st.

                casa latina had no mexican coke.
                la poblanita had a good variety of mexican sodas, including pepsi (didn't get because i'll be getting the throwback stuff next week when i go to ct; it's in danbury). however, the mexican coke had $4 on the cap, machine-pressed. i said not worth it, since i can buy it online before postage for less individually, and a case of 24 for $36+postage.

                however, i hit pancho villa next, where they had mexican coke for $1.50 / glass bottle. i figure i probably can't get it much cheaper than that...so picked up one.

                so if you're down in this area, you should probably hit up pancho villa to get your mexicoke fix....

                1. ok, was out this past weekend. couldn't find it any spot i checked in dutchess county. it is NOT available in southington, ct. however, it IS available in danbury, ct area at: stop and shop (2 stores), a&p, and target. weird part: they had a few cases of mtn dew throwback, but were completely sold out of the pepsi throwback cases...even though there was a spot for them, and the tag was there. maybe pepsi (and distributors / stores which are NOT carrying this) will get the hint.

                  oh, there's no more mtn dew throwback at those stores, as of yesterday pm.

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                    Oddly, Pepsi Throwback is all over the Capital District now, but we could not find it in MId Hudson Valley at all. Up here I have seen it in Target, Price Chopper, and various conveniences stores now, but only single 20 oz bottle or cases of cans. No cases of bottles.
                    Same with Mtn Dew Throwback which seems to be wherever the Pepsi TB is.
                    Weird how they sort of skipped over the Mid Hudson Valley to distribute.

                    I have not really seen MexiCokes anywhere up here but I have not really run across any SA or Mexican groceries yet.

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                      lj - you can give up the search for bottles...they only make it in cans and 20 oz bottles. i'd love to find out why the mid hudson valley distributor decided not to carry it...

                      where is pepsi natural found? (stores, i mean)? i asked a couple stores outside of this area and they were interested in it, but it was never offerd to them.

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                        Actually I have not found Pepsi Natural in any stores in the area - either MidHudson or Cap Dist. We scored a bottle to try from a Pepsi Co. insider (one of those friend of a friend connections) and to be honest, after one taste, we abandoned the search for that one.

                        I think in another post there have been some folks that found Pepsi Natural in NYC area. Seems to have a very limited distribution.

                        My SO asked for it in a Whole Foods store in NYC and the staff person bristled at the idea of a Pepsi product sullying their shelves...lol.

                        Yes - we will settle for cans.