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Apr 28, 2009 05:00 PM

hot hot deserts

what do you bring for dessert in summer when you're going to be traveling for at least 1 hour in the heat?

cupcakes were my top pick but cream cheese frosting can't hold up to the heat.. so i thought about doing a quick bread/cake but the ones i can think of - apple spice, banana, cranberry/nut, etc seems a bit too heavy for this weather.

any suggestions on what to bring to someone's house that feels appropriate for spring/hot weather but can withhold the heat for a bit?

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  1. biscotti should hold up well...just don't use a recipe that calls for dipping them in or drizzling them with chocolate ;)

    1. I love fresh cobblers, easy crunchy, can make a big pot or bowl, even can do a crock pot. travels great, doesn't have to be very hot, fresh flavors too are great.

      I also like to do a creamy lemon angel food cake with a raspberry glaze, the glaze can be drizzled on when you get there, great fruit flavor, fresh, travels great, easy sliced in many pieces, light. perfect summer dish.

      I have cookies that are ginger filled with a lemon marscapone cheese and then frozen. The cheese will easily stay frozen for over a hour in a cooler with just a little ice. Pretty,fun and they hold up well.

      Chocolate brownies with a raspberry filling

      I also make a lemon olive oil cake which is simple plain but very easy and again travels great.

      Lemon Lime cakes. I make a full white sheet cake with some extra flavor and then I take I know jello (lemon and lime) poke holes and drizzle into the cake. I drizzle the cake with a fresh lemon glaze and sugared dried lemons and cut into squares. I know it has jello, I admit but it still is really good. One year I did make my own lemon sugar syrup and my own lime, but ... the jello was easier and set better too. I know sort of cheesy but it still is a good cake.

      An orange cake is great with brown sugar and a crunchy pecan topping

      1. If you're going the quickbread route, a loaf-style carrot cake is very spring-y and transportable (sans icing). Checkout the carrot cake recipe at 101 cookbooks.

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          oh that recipe looks great - ww flour and no sugar added. awesome. could i top it off with a crumble of walnuts or something? carrot cakes tend to look dark and unappealing unfrosted in my opinion

          i do like a lemon poppy idea too

          1. re: midtownDiner123

            You could always make a powdered sugar glaze (the sort that dries). Made with OJ it would complement carrot cake's flavor well.

            1. re: Caitlin McGrath

              awesome idea! do you know the proportions of juice to sugar for a glaze that dries well? thanks.

              1. re: midtownDiner123

                You don't need much juice, maybe a couple of tablespoons to a cup of powdered sugar. Start with a cup of sugar, sifted into a bowl (so your glaze isn't lumpy), and whisk the juice in. Start with a tablespoon, and add more by drops until you get it to a thick but pourable consistency. Then spoon it over your cooled cake. Let it sit until it's set, or put in the fridge uncovered to speed the process (it'll stay set when the cake comes back to room temp).

              2. re: Caitlin McGrath

                powdered sugar and any juice is a great glaze, lemon, oj, mango, lime, anything. just start with 1 cup sugar and then slowly add a little juice until thick and drizzable. easy and great. I use it on everything.