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Help! Where to eat in Rome at 3:00pm

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Hi Chowhounds,

We're headed to Rome for just a couple of nights. We arrive at 1:35 pm on Thursday. By the time we get into Rome, I'm afraid it'll be almost 3:00 pm. I'm loathe to miss even one meal in Rome and am wondering whether any good places are open at that time. Any recs? Also, if you have any thoughts on my proposed eating agenda, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thursday dinner: Matrianella or Trattoria Monti
Friday lunch: Armando al Pantheon
Friday dinner: Da Buffeto (my husband loves this and has requested two dinners here)
Saturday lunch: Colline Eimiliane
Saturday dinner: Da Buffeto (see note above unless there is a bette place)
Sunday lunch: Al Ceppo

Finally, my husband is a pizza nut. He loves Da Buffeto and wants to eat here twice. Is there another pizza place that is as good that I can convince him to try?

Thanks SO MUCH!

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  1. trimani wine bar is reasonably close to the train station. excellent wines, decent food. one of my favorite places.