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Apr 28, 2009 04:24 PM

Soft shell crabs, anyone had any good ones yet this season

I love soft shell crabs, Haven't had any yet this year. Any one had some at a restaurant recently. Let me know

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  1. june and ho's on purchase street in rye has started serving their wonderful soft shell crab on chiabata roll sandwich with house-made tartar. mostly takeout but hard to beat this one!!!

    1. Gus's in Harrison had excellent soft shell crab (fried or sauteed) on the menu last weekend. They were very good.

      1. I had really good ones in a roll at Yama Sushi in Briarcliff/Ossining (Chilmark). I don't usually get anything cooked, let alone fried, in a roll, but couldn't resist as I love softshell crabs too. They were amazingly tender and flavorful!