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Apr 28, 2009 04:11 PM

Special group luncheon on a Saturday? (Dallas)

Hi all, first time posting, any help appreciated! I've searched but couldn't find this particular problem addressed.

My daughter is graduating from college, and because of the timing of various ceremonies, I need to have the celebratory meal with out of town relatives (10 people total) during lunch time on a Saturday.

My daughter was hoping for steak, but every nice steakhouse I can find is closed for lunch on Saturday.

Steak and pasta would be ideal. It can't be Thai, Mexican, etc., but something with a varied menu would be fine. We're looking in the $50 per person range or less. If possible, a private dining area or at least somewhere not too terribly loud is important, because of some elderly guests who will be shut out of conversation at a loud restaurant.

We thought we'd found our place with Fearings, even though the cost would be more than we'd really like, but she didn't see anything on the lunch menu she would want to order, seafood and chicken but no steak. She said she could try something, but I'd really like to find a place that she'll look forward to.

The target area is anywhere near SMU, say within a fifteen minute drive. Does anybody have any brilliant ideas for me? Thanks for reading this long request.

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  1. Tough audience, eh. Actually one of the better steaks I have had near SMU is at Javier's. Not often talked about, slightly hidden, and an eternal joy. yes, Mexican, but upscale catering to the neighborhood. A very MOST awesome steak, and incredible everything else. I usually get a fillet with a mushroom crepe. Sad to say opens at 5:30 and reservations are needed.

    Another nice place in your range for young ladies wishing a nice luncheon would be Salum. they have a small lunch menu that includes a delicious steak. The service is superb, the food good, the prices better and a nice atmosphere.

    I would be inclined to take young ladies to Dragonfly in ZaZa as well. very chic, affordable on your standard. They normally do a bone in rib-eye that is wow. Young ladies (and I don't know how old that is I assume high schoolers???) would think you were the coolest dad in the world.

    Palominos in the Crescent Court serves a steak for lunch and also has a nice varied menu for a small group to enjoy. Another to-be-seen place especially for a teen place.

    Capital Grille is also yum. Nice steaks for lunch! Right there in the same area in Crescent.

    Hope I have helped a small bit, or at least got people chatting for ya!

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    1. re: DallasDude

      Thank you for replying, it is a little daunting when other requests get dozens of replies and mine waits with a zero.

      Salum and The Capital Grille aren't open for lunch on Saturday, and Hotel Zaza's lunch menu is a little sparse for the crowd I have to please, but Palomino looks like it might fit the bill perfectly!

      To clarify, the 10 guests ages range from 87 down to 15. It's all family here for her college graduation. You were most kind to answer and provide links, and Palomino looks very promising. Thank you.

    2. Yea, ironically, getting a prime steak on a Saturday at lunch in this town is tough.
      Houston's at Preston Center may be an option. It's not Bob's, but a good steak with plenty of other options. Cafe R&D (or R&D kitchen, whatever it's called) is also close to SMU and open for lunch, they should have a steak or two.
      I think Charlie Palmer's downtown is open for lunch, and if Fearing's is an option, CP probably is too.
      Congrats on your grad!

      1. I was trying to think because this was a hard one. What about Hattie's in Bishop Arts down in Oak Cliff. They do a regular lunch on Saturdays with sandwhiches all the way to nice entrees. Its a pretty space during the day especially.

        Also, what about Tillman's just down the block.

        I think both places do steak specials sometimes.

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        1. re: simply_victoria

          I don't know that you're going to fit 10 people at one table at Hattie's.

          1. re: simply_victoria

            Tillman's Roadhouse (Oak Cliff) has a great looking private room (holds up to 24). It looks like chic, fun and electic Texas. There's pics on their website. Haven't been yet but heard great things about it.

            I love Hattie's (Oak Cliff), but it can get loud in there b/c there's not really a private area.

            I also like Kozy Kitchen (Uptown), but there's nothing really special about the ambiance. The food is really good. It's small, so it won't get too loud.

            Nick & Sam's Grill (Uptown) is fairly new and going to start opening this Saturday for lunch. I haven't been, but it seems to have gotten pretty good reviews.

            Good luck!
            Let me know if you need any more suggestions.

          2. Thank you all for these suggestions. We visited Palomino's a couple of days ago for lunch and had a great experience. The food was good, the prices reasonable, the menu had a good variety of choices. The waitstaff told us it's very quiet at lunch on Saturdays, which will be perfect. They have a table that will seat 10, and no stairs for my elderly guests to navigate.

            Since it suits our needs perfectly I'm going to check this off my list and move on to the hundred other things waiting. I'm so glad I found Chowhound, and my thanks to every one of you for your responses.

            Good meals to you!