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Apr 28, 2009 03:53 PM

Really good bakery in the Valley

Im looking for a really good bakery/pastery place in the valley sort of near Northridge. I did see one on Reseda right before Ventura blvd. near the Vons. Has anyone tried that? Thanks for the help.

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  1. Sounds like Bea's Bakery. Terrific breads, excellent pastries. It's all good.

    1. Better than Bea's is Delicious bakery at Reseda and Devonshire in the Von's shopping center. Hands down the best. Try the mini potato knish.

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        1. re: Kitchen Queen

          They have a breakfast menu to with fantastic Israeli specialties.

        2. Great recommendation - I definitely agree and fourth Delicious. . . however, I believe that the cross-street is Nordhoff. :-D

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          1. re: Gingergirl

            Ya you're right-drove by tonight and it is Nordhoff. In the same complex as McD's on the corner.

            1. re: Kitchen Queen

              I respectfully disagree. How can you compare Bea's to DB? Because many good deli's use rye from DB, DB gets attention. The danish and all other breads are far better consistently. Everything seems far more moist and fresh and the variety is unreal at Bea's. Bea's rules every time.

          2. Don't forget the new-ish location of House of Bread, at the corner of Devonshire and Mason. Swell apple-cinnamon swirl bread...