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Apr 28, 2009 03:47 PM

Steve's - Bathurst n of Wilson

So...heard about this place from a couple of folks...good "family" restaurant...all day breakfasts, burgers, club sandwiches, omlettes and supposedly great greek salads. They`ve been on Bathurst since 1946 so they must be doing something right...

My chowpal and I went there for a late lunch today...I have to say, I was impressed...I had a toasted club on whole wheat with a side greek salad and my chowpal had a large greek salad, lox and onion omlette with fries.

Verdict? Good solid club had "real" slices of turkey, nice crisp bacon etc....the greek salads were particularly good...they bring you a squeeze bottle of dressing so you can put as little/much on as you like...nice touch. The dressing may not be totally authentic but it was tasty nonetheless...

My chowpal said his omlette was a bit overdone/dry for his liking but very tasty...fries were nothing special....

I think we'll be back to try some other things...checked out the burgers at another table and they looked good...corned beef hash...yum...

Anyone else have any experiences with Steve's? I believe they also have another location on Yonge St in Thornhill..

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  1. Yeah - Steve's is always good and reliable, and their Greek salads are particularly good even if not authentic as you point out. Its a good diner, perhaps my favorite TO one. Nothing on their menu could conceivably put Steve's on Diner's Drive-ins and Dives, but its reliable and decent.

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      Thanks Teffub...your assessment jibes with my thoughts...good solid diner...but to me, that's a good thing!!!

    2. yes, it is pretty much as you described, solid yet not fabulous. wish they had better pancakes. that area is so desolate when it comes to restaurants so not much choice really.

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        There's a new place called BW Bistro (replaced the Mexican) in that tiny plaza on Bathurst n of wilson, west side - anyone ventured in yet?

        1. re: KitchenVoodoo

          no, that spot has been a different restaurant every few months for a while now. curious if anyone has tried it. did anyone try the mexican place?

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            Does anyone know if Steve's opened a second location on Yonge south of Hwy. 7.
            The signage looks the same.

            1. re: taxed2death

              Yes...see my original post...

              Check the website for the exact address etc. they have a separate website from the Bathurst location...


      2. Anyone know how their eggs benedict is?

        1. serious?
          thought Steve's was pretty awful.
          -10 points if their fries are McCain's.
          been there twice and everything was generic. no clue why its so popular.

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          1. re: atomeyes

            read my post, you'll see why its so popular. no other options! plus its good for kids if you just want to eat something basic and not have to clean the kitchen.

            1. re: ddelicious

    's not anything earth shattering but I thought it was good solid diner type food...I believe there is a place for that for sure...I will be going back...

              As my original post said...we did not think the fries were great either but I can overlook that...will just have a side salad instead!

              1. re: tochowchick

                I like their grilled peameal. But it's not special. you can get the same thing anywhere.

          2. Went to Steve's In Thornhill this past friday...
            I ordered the club (sans tomatoes) and my friend ordered the special half chicken with soup.

            Food: Overall good, I tried a bit of my friends soup (split pea) it was slightly over salty, but still good flavour, didn't try his chicken, but it was a large protion, and with a side of fries, cowslaw and the soup was a very good deal for the $11ish it cost.

            My club was as tochowchick said, real 'pieces' of turkey, nice bacon, and large size. I would have preferred some cheese on there, I should have asked b4 I placed my order. Fries are nothing special, frozen mccain i am guessing?

            large portion size, good price, good meal. Only problem, service, very poor. waitress never refilled our water until we asked... twice. but it was a friday lunch, and slow, so maybe she wasn't 100% focused, but no excuse IMO.

            would go again, and recommend for families
            here are same pics...
            Half Chicken:
            my friend also swears by this place, and he goes at least once a week (to either location)