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Apr 28, 2009 03:24 PM

Bone sucking BBQ sauce...worth the expense?

I constantly see this BBQ sauce, but it is usually twice the price of the other brands. Has anyone tried it? Is it worth double or should I just pass?

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  1. It's twice the price only because it's a sauce made in the US, by the time they rape you for the shipping - then add on brokerage fees etc, you have added another x dollars to the price per bottle (yes I am actually talking dollars). For me to ship a bottle of sauce to the US it's $11.00 for a $4.00 bottle.

    Check online - you can probably get it cheaper if you really want to give it a try.

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        There's a joke in there somewhere... likely inappropriate... but funny nonetheless...

    1. Maybe I have a different type but I have purchased "the bone sucking" mustard that is made in Raleigh NC and have some in the fridge. I really like it - great on roast ham - and have purchased it for $8 a jar. yes expensive but really tasty and I have found most condiments that are noteworthy cost $8 - $12 for something good. I stop at $12.

      1. I too really like the Bone-Suckin' BBQ Sauce and the price depends where you buy it. I've seen it anywhere from $7 (Sobey's, Loblaws) to $13 (specialty food shops).

        1. Its actually quite generic and not very good. Try something from Grumpy's or Pappy's if you can find it. The PC Smokin Chipotle and Tequila Habanero are far superior to is as well.