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Apr 28, 2009 03:04 PM

V Cafe-- hidden gem, best letter restaurant of them all

Someone on another thread referred to it as a "hole in the wall place with good food." I want to add that the food is much better than good. V is tiny, non-descript and doesn't take itself seriously. Park between 97 and 98 near Mt. Sinai. The manager (owner?) is extremely polite and a hard worker. When I asked him to hold the onions, he insisted on my substituting something else (his forte is custom sandwiches). Pastas were freshly made, delicious. Excellent Pesto/Salmon Fillet sandwich lightly pressed reminded me of a gourmet sandwich I once ate years ago in an upscale restaurant in LA. In other words, this is great food and reasonably priced. No desserts available when I came, but I did spring for a 2.50 12 oz cappucino. This guy deserves some business and he isn't going to get it if you just look at the store from the outside or inside. Enjoyed it more than U.

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  1. I love V! And you are right about the service.
    My favorite are the pressed sandwiches. I can never decide which one to get so I end up getting two or three. Even my two year old likes them and that is saying a lot.

    1. Agree, I think the place is fantastic; I went there several times a week for many months when I worked in the area. The owner/manager is a great guy and the paninis are unreal. Prices are pretty fair too.