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Apr 28, 2009 03:01 PM

La Regalade vs. Le Severo

If you had to choose between the two for dinner, which would it be? We're staying nearby, and only for one night, so I'd love some help choosing!

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  1. We had 2 of our best meals ever in Paris at La Regalade and we're going again in a few weeks! Everything wonderful. Rediculous foie gras, killer pate, superb fish, to die for rice pudding with caramel sauce...lots of interesting options to choose from.

    But if you want beef, Le Severo is supposed to be the place to go.

    1. I'm with plafield. Of course Le Sévero is the place for beef, but, save maybe the cote de boeuf pour deux, why would you come to France for beef? La Régalade is more exciting, more diverse and no less comfortable. You'll have little elbow room anyway.

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        ate at La Regalade last friday. Very fun place(make reservation). My wife said the beet salad was one of her best ever. pate was excellent. fun staff.