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Apr 28, 2009 02:57 PM

Wobbly Cast Iron :( New

I just bought a new lodge dutch oven, not used yet, it's their (high end) signature series with SS handles. Very comfortable to handle. The lid fitment is very nice.
But when I place it on the flat cooktop or the counter, it wobbles and I think there is 1/32"-1/16" of gap when one end is lifted.
They are cast pieces I can understand no 2 are the same, but my LC is rather flat and not make a sound rocking back and forth like this one!

It won't affect performance on my induction cooktop.. but still, if I started out with a flatter one like my LC, as long as I don't abuse it, it will be a much more enjoyable cookware to use and pass on to my children. I guess the only problem would be on a electric smooth top if you have a gap.. Gas grates and induction it would not matter.

I am going to order another one and send this one back. Is it likely to be different or is the batch going to have identical shape?

Also, my lodge skillet also wobble a bit but I think it's from me pouring water on it too soon. I know not to do this now.

So.. I want to hear about your CI purchase experience?

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  1. It sounds like it might have suffered previously from thermal shock. Might they have passed on a returned item without knowing it was faulty? I'd send it back with a note.

    1. I agree -- take the dutch oven back. The Signature enamel is not cheap, so you should insist on something that doesn't wobble. (Since the lid fits well, it is perfectly suited for gas and conventional electric coil -- someone will end up satisfied with it.)

      Cast iron can warp if subject to thermal shock, though cracking is more common. Molds aren't re-used (the mold consists of a an impression in a bed of sand.)

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        So, you are saying a new one will likely sit better since someone did not set up the sand mold properly for this one?

        It has not been used, I am sure of that..
        It's not enameled BTW, I wanted an uncoated version for some dishes, so that makes it even more expensive and I expected better.