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Apr 28, 2009 02:09 PM

Good Brewpub/Steak house - Seattle

I'm from Vancouver Canada, but I am organizing a bachelor party in Seattle in July.

What I am looking for are suggestions for a good restaurant. I was thinking a steakhouse or nice brew pub, not mega expensive but with good drinks (strong!) and in the downtown area. I love Seattle and I know there are a lot of options so I want to try and narrow it down to good ones.

Also a couple a bars and perhaps a hotel if you're feeling really helpful.


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    1. The Elysian Fields is a fine brewpub with good food, certainly the best brewpub in the downtown area. (It's just next to Qwest field.) Better bet than any steak house downtown (which are all expensive and not that great.)

      The Palace Kitchen would be my choice, though. Better food, and excellent drinks (impeccable cocktails, decent selection of local brews.) They take reservations for parties of 6 or more, and if you're a larger group (up to 14) they have a private room.

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        thanks T-dog, I will look up the Palace. I've been to Elyasian after a game before it was good, I love American micros. Any other suggestions? Now that I think of it any good restaurant, that has a fun type of atmosphere would be excellent. Belltown or Cap Hill?

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          Spur (Belltown) and Quinn's (Cap Hill) are other good options.

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            There's also an Elysian in Capitol Hill- similar to downtown, but more bar-y and not quite as nice (it's at Pike/13th). I'll second the nomination of Quinn's, but all ahead, it can be very busy and I'm not sure if they ever take reservations. And Palace is definitely great for downtown.

            Another fun place to eat in Belltown is Kushi Bar (Izakaya). And Cap Hill has tons of good bars if you end up eating in the neighborhood. Moe Bar probably has the best early happy hour (goes to 7pm, I think $2 beers) and you can get food brought in from the fish & chips place next door or the pizza place down the street. Linda's is another good bar (their happy hour starts at 7, so makes a good combo with Moe). And Chapel is not the greatest bar but is in a former mortuary, and can be a pretty crazy scene late.

        2. They don't brew their own, but Collins Pub (downtown, close to Pioneer Square) usually has some really good beers on tap and their food is good. I've been to a beer dinner there where the food (and beer) were outstanding.

          1. Thanks for all the great reply's folks! What are the main drags of Cap Hill, if we're just walking around bar hopping?

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              Pike street between Broadway and 13th Ave (and adjacent side streets) has probably the highest concentration of spots.

              If you like Belgian beers, don't miss the Stumbling Monk which is not on this strip but certainly not far at Olive Way and Boylston Ave.

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                Pike between roughly 15th and Melrose (Six Arms, Elysian, Moe Bar, Quinn's, Comet, Barca, Grey)
                Pine between roughly 10th and Boren (Oddfellows, Linda's, Bill's, Chapel)

                Some good places elsewhere on the Hill- there's a burgeoning bar strip along Olive Way between downtown and Broadway (Stumbling Monk, Bus Stop, the Saint)

                There's also bars on 15th, but they tend to be neighborhood places; and along Broadway, but...I can't say I can recommend any of them.