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Apr 28, 2009 01:59 PM

Metro Bistro Cafe/MiMo Dist. in Miami

Had dinner last night with a group of about 15 last night at Metro Bistro Cafe in the MiMo district of Miami - 7010 Biscayne Boulevard (adjacent to Karma Carwash).
Metro is all organic, although their wine selection is not.
Food was very good! They prepared a special menu for us. We started with an amuse-bouche of tuna tartar chopped with onions, on little crispy bread pieces. Absolutely fantastic. Then I had a salmon carpaccio - Sashimi-Grade Wild Caught Salmon, Shaved Organic
Fennel, Capers, Fleur de Sel & EVOO, it was delicious! They also offered Metro Salad: Organic Baby Arugula tossed with Organic Raspberry-Balsamic Vinaigrette, Warm Goat Cheese Crostini and Organic Chives, which was yummy, and finally, Grilled Sweet Breads: Served with Organic Lemon, Organic Parsley and Fleur de Sel. I'm a bit of a wimp but I tried the sweet breads and they were really, really good!
For my entree I had Steak Frites: Organic Grass-Fed Skirt Steak served with Organic
Chimichurri and Fries, which was relatively simple, presented attractively, and pretty darn good! I think people were happy with their Mahi entrees as well. For dessert there was a creme brulee that I enjoyed, as well as Gran Marnier Ice Soufflé, which was soft and creamy, although frozen - very good.
Metro is very small, so we sat outside. It was a really nice meal, and the staff were awesome.

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  1. This place is in my backyard now and I love it. In fact a lot of the restaurants in this area are great... better than most in South Beach IMHO...but maybe I was just tired of so many years dining in SoBe. Red light, down the street is amazing, Moonchine is better than any Thai on the beach, Uva 69 is really simple but good, and Casa Toscana is cozy and delicious.... great little dining district! they are having a festival this weekend that is supposed to include the restaurants:

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      i agree. this area, culinarily speaking, is much more exciting than South Beach's, not to mention original, organic, fresh, funky, and all that jazz. ....South Beach is steak and subpar sushi and italian central. Zzz

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        Lots more info on Biscayne Boulevard dining options on this thread as well ->