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Apr 28, 2009 01:51 PM

Looking for good restaurants along coast of Maine

My husband and I are going to Main intwo weeks. Here is a list of some restaurants I'd like to know about;

Pier 77 in Cape Porpoise
Sarah'd Cafe in Wiscasset
Este Lobster House
MC Perkins Cove
Morse Lobster in Harpswell Neck

We are staying in Portland and have dinner reservations at Fore Street and will probably try DiMillos just because. Then thought to branch out a bit. Georgetown? or maybe something great a little north?

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  1. MC Perkins COve has a beautiful ocean view and is very good. We prefer the bar menu to the regular menu- fish tacos, fish and chips etc. The kobe beef burger is excellent. Service is nice too.
    Have not been to Pier 77 but have been several times to the Ramp which is behind Pier 77 and run by same people. Very casual but great place to eat.
    If you are going to Georgetown you might like Five Islands Lobster Co- sit outside on picnic benches overlooking the five beautiful pine covered islands. Lobster, crab, corn, potatoes, chowder. They also have fish sandwiches etc. Just a nice trip. Have not been but the Robinhood Free Meetinghouse gets fabulous reviews (is in Georgetown).
    Enjoy your trip.

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      Emilief - Does MC Perkins Cove have a view from the bar?

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        Yes, especially if you sit close to the dining room. (not the seats near the door). I have not been upstairs, but I understand the view is even better from upstairs, where there is a bar. We ate at the bar on Monday- They serve lunch from 11-3:30 then begin dinner service at 5:30. If you go between 3:30 and 5:30 they only have bar snacks, no food that you can order (although on Monday they let us order at 5 pm and sometimes they will let you order even earlier.

    2. Skip DiMillo's. Try their free happy hour buffet ($5 drink minimum) in the lounge and you can still enjoy the experience of dining on a boat. If you're looking for seafood, go to Street and Co. instead. If you're looking for Italian, my best suggestion would be Bresca. Even though it's not strictly Italian, they do great Italian offerings and it's frankly delicious.

      Sarah's Cafe isn't what it used to be. I'd bypass it, as well. If you're going to be travelling that far up the coast, go to Five Islands in Georgetown and get their shore dinner, eat on the wharf, and enjoy the view of, well, the islands. (I just noticed that emilief just recommended Five now you've got two votes for them!)

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        As i'm sure you know, its about a good hour drive to Ogunquit to get to MC Perkins Cove.It is nice, But it seams like a long way to go for a little lunch,or dinner. its not that Special.There are some places in Kennebunkport that are just as good. Or at least equal Good Luck on your trip.. I am going to Maine in June for a few days. Take care and hope your eating experiences end up well.

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          Thanks to all.....we will be having lunch along the road from the Manchester NH airport to Portland. What are the good places in Kennebunkport? Also wanted to go a bit north, so will go to Five Islands for sure....thanks!

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            My favorite restaurant in K-port is On the Marsh. Perfect spot for dinner. Very classy. Excellent food, service and ambiance. Allison's and Mabel's have great lobster rolls.

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              Five Islands Lobster may not be open before Memorial Day (or have limited hours on weekends). You may want to check first.

              Sarah's Cafe in Wiscasset is mediocre. Le Garage up the street has good "traditional Maine" food (e.g. stuffed haddock) and better views. The Ocean Grill on other side of bridge in Edgecomb also has nice views of the Sheepscot River.

              I am one who raves about Robinhood Free Meetinghouse in Georgetown. Fine destination dining w/ emphasis on local seafood/produce in unique (renovated church) atmosphere.

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              I'm not sure what Sarah's used to be, as I've only been onc, recently- but it was lovely! I wouldn't go for a fancy dinner, certainly, but would go for the soup and bread bar in a heartbeat! Where else can you have your choice of three homemade soups, 8 homemade breads, and eat a wholesome, filling meal for $5? I'll certainly be back for soup!

            3. Our favorite in Ogunquit is Barnacle Billy's which you can use to replace DeMillo's which is mediocre. Try Street & Co. in Portland instead for superior seafood. Also, on the way to Georgetown there is Harraskeet Lunch in So. Freeport which is our #2 favorite shack in Maine, (Thurston's near Bar Harbor is by far the best in Maine)

              1. Pier 77 and The Ramp, upstairs leans toward fine dining but its casual, downstairs has a sportsbar motif. Both are excellent and among my favorites in the area. Also in the Kennebunks: On the Marsh, elegant, pricey, excellent; Wayfarer, casual homestyle; Hurricane, very good; Bandaloop, fun!

                Sarah's is in Wiscasset, across the bridge in Edgecomb but also on the water is Bintliff's--I'd go there, instead, unless you have young kids.

                Estes, been years since I've been there. If you're looking for lobster in the Portland Area, go to THe Lobster SHack, at Two Lights, in Cape Elizabeth. Location--rocks, lighthouses, crashing surf, can't be beat.

                DiMillo's, eh, there are better choices. Go for drinks. If you like fries, don't miss Duckfat.

                Another thought, hop the Peak's Island ferry and eat on the island.

                For more on Portland, check out; great site with links to reviews.

                1. We were in Maine middle of May and were at these restaurants:
                  Pier 77 in Cape Porpoise- just great
                  MC Perkins Cove - not so great and $$$. The lobster role was $20 - I don't know where they got the bun because it wasn't even the size of a hot dog bun - tiny!
                  Fore Street in Portland- probably the best dinner we've ever had - exceptional
                  Di Millos - typical tourist dinner - my tenderloin was hard to cut but some liked their dinners
                  Street & Company - very nice - I had the scallops and everyone thought the dinners were good
                  Beverly's - nice breakfast place
                  Gilbert's - always good

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                    On the Marsh in Kennebunkport is excellent, but THE WHITE BARN INN is the best in Maine, so if you want to try something really different, elegant, and memorable then try the White Barn Inn......
                    Sarah's was a disappointment for me.....
                    Robinhood Free Meetinghouse was good, but it did not put me over the edge like WBI or On the Marsh or Fore St. I also love Street & Co.