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Apr 28, 2009 01:48 PM

Nagoya Sushi - Riverdale

I'm wondering if anyone has tried the new Nagoya Sushi Ltd. on Mosholu Avenue in Riverdale. The prices and selections on their flyer seem excellent, but is the sushi/sashimi fresh and well-prepared? Thanks!

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  1. I didn't know that Nagoya was new...we have ordered from them for years, but the last 2 times we were really disappointed. Last time the sushi really wasn't fresh at all...we won't order again. But just an FYI that was in 2008...maybe they are under new management. In all the Japanese in Riverdale goes from not great to down right TERRIBLE...and none of the restaurants are actually Japanese. They are mostly Chinese, owners and chefs and waitstaff. The flavors are NEVER authentic. Unfortunatly your best bet is to spend a little more and head to Westchester...We love Sushi Mike

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      I live in Riverdale too but there are such slim pickings in terms of restaurants that I usually eat out in Westchester and Manhattan. I'm meeting a friend for dinner in Riverdale next week, though, and am trying to figure out where to go. Has anyone been to Greentree recently? I went right after it reopened and thought it weas good, but slow. I haven't been to Josefina's for years and have only tried Beccofino once. I like Madison's although it's of expensive. Any thoughts?

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        I would go to Josepina's or Jakes...Madisons is good too, but similar food quality to Josepina and more expensive by far...I heard the Becofino has gone downhill, but not sure, I haven't been in about a year. Greentree is medicore, ok I guess in a pinch but nothing to write home about.