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Apr 28, 2009 01:45 PM

Tofu Deli "Meat"

I work down the street from Bobalicious in Newton and they have a type of Tofu Deli "Meat" which I have looked for in Super 88, the one in south bay, to no avail. It really tastes like meat in texture and in flavor. Anyone have any idea were I can find something like this?

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  1. Whole Foods and TJs sell alot of products from the "Smart" line (Smart Ground, Smart bacon, etc). I've never tried the sandwich "meats" so I can't tell you whether these are the same that Bobalicious uses. I have had their veggie Banh Mi, though, and it is wonderful!! Maybe Galley Girl will chime in on this one......

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      MY local Stop and Shop sells tofu deli meat I believe the brand is Ives.They had a least two varieities-pepperoni and balogna.

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        You rang?
        I haven't had the tofu banh mi at Bobalicious (tho I obviously must, and soon) but I'm betting it isn't one of the mass market brands available in the supermarket, but one of the faux-meats that some of the store in Dorchester make, and sell. They have amazing faux chicken and 'roast duck' at Ba Le bakery, near Columbus Ave, that's been written about here. There are also a decent number of options (and more readily available during weekdays) at Ba Le CAFE in Fields Corner. Asking for a tofu banh mi there gets you a faux meat number without even specifying it.

        Both places most notably the Bakery, have containers of it for about $5....You can sometimes find these for sale in the deli case of Saigon Sandwich downtown, altho they don't make sandwiches from them.

        These are different combinations of gluten and tofu, and tofu skin.

        There IS one option that I've found at Whole foods. There is an amazing vegan/macrobiotic company out of Queens that does prepared food for their salad bar, and they sometimes sell the packages. You may have noticed a huge leap in the number of vegan options they offer in the last 6 months or so. Well, this company makes a Vegan Thai Chicken that's amazing. It may not taste like chicken, but it's the tastiest faux meats I've sampled.

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          Thanks, GG! I knew you'd have the inside scoop!

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              So, I finally went to Bobalicious for their banh mi today. Unfortunately, i'd had a fabulous tofu banh mi from Ba Le Bakery two days ago, so it may have suffered by comparison..

              Ready to opine on the 'meats'. This is indeed different than other faux meats I've had. Most of the good ones try to replicate a cooked meat experience. This stuff was like a paper thin cold cut, a little on the garlicky side. I asked the woman what kind of tofu they used and she said "Woman makes special for me, you never want to eat anyone else's again!"
              Well, it was good, but I wouldn't go that far.. ;) I think their banh mi was a little meek and mild mannered for me. Excellent bread, NO pickled cucumbers and carrots, i think it just had lettuce eaves and cilantro. It seems they like to serve multi-course meals there. There seemed to be a large group of regulars eating a pickled veggie salad while waiting for their sandwiches. So, I guess you have to request the pickles. And very little heat, even tho I asked for it twice...
              I'd go back if I was in the neighborhood, because any banh mi, especially one that leaves a trail of crispey crumbs down the front of your shirt is better than no banh mi, but Pho Viet is closer to me, and better, in my book.