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Apr 28, 2009 01:27 PM

Haven't been to new orleans since before katrina

Coming for three nights in June. Will I be disappointed in any of following restaurants

galatoire"s-acme-emerils-g.w.fins-camelia grill-coloumns-Mother"s-Napolean house


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  1. Only if you were disappointed with them before Katrina. ; )

    OK, that's not helpful. I'll defer to people with a greater knowledge base about pre-Katrina days -- but I'll also endorse Galatoire's, Emeril's, and Napoleon House in the abstract. Mother's I'm less enthusiastic about -- but again, I'm not comparing before and after.

    1. Second all of Mark's sentiments.

      I recommend you do some searching through the New Orleans board.

      The good information abounds, here, and the search can often provide you with new opportunities you'd not learn of otherwise.

      Happy hunting.