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Favorite Favas

I just harvested over 8 lbs of fava beans from my yard! I love fava beans but am looking for, obviously, lots of things to do with them. My current favorite is a fava bean and fresh ricotta bruschetta - any suggestions?

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  1. I don't like to shell them, so I throw them, pods and all, on the grill until they're soft, then pop the beans out to eat. It's easier than shelling them raw and if you're having a party that's casual enough, it's kindof fun.

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      What a great idea! Yes, shelling them raw is a labor of love.

      OP, your bruschetta, is the fava bean a puree or just on top with the ricotta? I've seen a recipe for a bruschetta with a fava bean puree, then topped with a simple mix of greens, blood orange sections and a simple vinaigrette made with the orange juice.

      Personally, I just mix them with a little lemon juice, crumbled feta and bacon and serve it at room temp like a bean salad. Guess I find the need to decadently embellish them with fat & salt, after all that work standing over the sink!

    2. What a treat! I do love fava beans. They really don't need much done to them, imo. You could just eat them with some pecorino cheese. Like popcorn. Or, to be a bit more formal, drizzle with a bit of olive oil and call it salad?

      Another way I like them is tossed with some olive oil, a little salt, and chopped fresh thyme.

      Enjoy your bounty.

      1. Try throwing some in a white rice (sautee a bit of onion or shallot first) and throw in a bunch of chopped dill in the end.

        1. I like them served hot and topped with a dressing of lots of fresh chopped garlic and parsley mixed with tahini, S&P and enough lemon juice to make it about the consistency of loose sour cream. Shake a little hot sauce on the top, optional.

          1. I just shelled three lbs (@ .99$ per) ...
            I blanch, then "squeeze" off the goodness.
            Bruschetta with quality olive oil as a side to seared scallops.

            1. Lucky! And you harvested in April? How's that?

              1. I know this is a little beyond the season, but I was searching for chanterelle recipes and stumbled on this thread. I just had to share this Jamie Oliver recipe
                I made it twice this summer with my own favas, peas, and mint. Yumm! I just did the puree on the garlic'd toast. Delish.

                1. I know this is an old thread, but if someone is searching for recipes for fava beans, here's one of my favorites, Salami with Raw Favas, Mint and Manchego Cheese, from the Zuni Cafe cookbook. Those of you who know me know that I keep posting this recipe over and over again. But it's that good. Really. First thing I make when favas come back on the market.