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Apr 28, 2009 01:13 PM

Favorite Favas

I just harvested over 8 lbs of fava beans from my yard! I love fava beans but am looking for, obviously, lots of things to do with them. My current favorite is a fava bean and fresh ricotta bruschetta - any suggestions?

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  1. I don't like to shell them, so I throw them, pods and all, on the grill until they're soft, then pop the beans out to eat. It's easier than shelling them raw and if you're having a party that's casual enough, it's kindof fun.

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      What a great idea! Yes, shelling them raw is a labor of love.

      OP, your bruschetta, is the fava bean a puree or just on top with the ricotta? I've seen a recipe for a bruschetta with a fava bean puree, then topped with a simple mix of greens, blood orange sections and a simple vinaigrette made with the orange juice.

      Personally, I just mix them with a little lemon juice, crumbled feta and bacon and serve it at room temp like a bean salad. Guess I find the need to decadently embellish them with fat & salt, after all that work standing over the sink!

    2. What a treat! I do love fava beans. They really don't need much done to them, imo. You could just eat them with some pecorino cheese. Like popcorn. Or, to be a bit more formal, drizzle with a bit of olive oil and call it salad?

      Another way I like them is tossed with some olive oil, a little salt, and chopped fresh thyme.

      Enjoy your bounty.

      1. Try throwing some in a white rice (sautee a bit of onion or shallot first) and throw in a bunch of chopped dill in the end.

        1. I like them served hot and topped with a dressing of lots of fresh chopped garlic and parsley mixed with tahini, S&P and enough lemon juice to make it about the consistency of loose sour cream. Shake a little hot sauce on the top, optional.

          1. I just shelled three lbs (@ .99$ per) ...
            I blanch, then "squeeze" off the goodness.
            Bruschetta with quality olive oil as a side to seared scallops.