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Western Canada Foodie Tour—Best New Spots?

The wife and I are planning to spend a month on the road in July, eating and drinking and golfing (and meeting with clients . . . there has to be some work involved) our way from Winnipeg out to Vancouver Island. We've done this for the last two years now, so we've been to a lot of the "bests." What we want to do this time is to go to the best of the new places. What are the can't miss new places out west of Winnipeg?

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  1. What are you looking for Pim?

    1. If you will be driving through the Okanagan, RauDz Regional Table in Kelowna (the revamped Fresco) should be worth a detour and Lunch at Burring Owl winery in Oliver is a truly lovely experience.

      1. What you have to do for us is to give us a better sense of your itinerary (which cites, for how long, etc) and also which places you've already tried. The fact that a resto is "new" should make little difference to you for cities where you don't live- there are something like 4000 restos in Calgary and if you sampled two of them in the last two years, that leaves 3998 to try this time.

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          If you are coming through Edmonton, one of the new(er) places that gets a lot of talk is Wildflower Grill. Also Bistecca (Italian Steakhouse) has been enjoyed.

        2. For Vancouver - Perhaps have a look at Vancouver Magazine's Restaurant Awards:

          The "Best New Restaurants" are La Quercia (Gold), Cibo (Silver), Voya (Bronze), and La Brasserie (Honorable Mention), and Les Faux Bourgeois (Honorable Mention) .

          1. Nelson, BC:

            - All Seasons Cafe is an outstanding restaurant.

            If you ever make it to neighbouring Castlegar, BC:

            - Weezie's Borsht Hut serves up delicious Russian/Doukabour food, even with that name.

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              I Love All Seasons in Nelson. One of my all time favourite places. Schedule: most of July, pretty loose timing, but we'll probably spend a few nights in Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Calgary, and up to a week in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island, plus stops along the way . . .
              I just read the Vancouver Magazine list. Promising for sure . . . though I wonder a lot of the time if the big magazines miss some of the good spots . . .

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                These "Best of" lists will always be controversial, but Van Mag does a good job, IMO.

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                  Okay, some of the well-reviewed new(er) places in Calgary include Chef's Table, Rush, Alloy, Farm, Vin Room, WInebar Kensington, Zia's Enoteca, Vero Bistro, L'Epicerie, Olives, Mango Shiva... we also have a superb evolving third-wave coffeehouse scene with recent openings of Kawa Espresso Bar and Deville Luxury Coffee both of which have great food, and we have lots of nice cheaper ethnic eats (one of my neighbourhood faves being Ali Baba Kabob House which is Afghani).

              2. For the rest of us landlocked Winnipeggers (or displaced ones for the time being), try the Japanese "hot dog" stand I keep reading posts about in Vancouver.

                1. My top 10/favorite in Calgary (also are great value) choices are currently:

                  Diner Deluxe if you have not yet been (is also great any time of the day) http://www.dinerdeluxe.com/

                  Taketomi - Previously a Japanese restaurant, is now serving Haka and Manchurian dishes, which are a blend of Chinese and Indian - I crave it (no site i am aware of


                  Atlas Specialty - Serves amazing Persian food dishes best described as stews. Think Chicken pomegranate and walnuts on Saffron rice. http://www.atlascalgary.com/atlas.pdf

                  Big Fish - Dwain and Alberta the same people that run Diner Deluxe seem to have a knack) - http://big-fish.ca/menu/

                  Laurier Lounge - has a great fondue, possibly the most romantic ambiance in town, and the best upscale burger you will ever eat (made of ground fillet) http://www.laurierlounge.com/

                  Open Range - Run by same people that run Diner Deluxe - http://www.open-range.ca/menus.php

                  The Vue - Run by same people that run Diner Deluxe - http://vuecafe.com/menu/

                  Sunday at Smugglers Inn (not new... the decor has not changed since the 70s but still excellent, also have a great prime rib for dinner) http://www.smugglers.ca/

                  For Sushi I like Globefish http://www.globefish.ca/

                  And of course for Pizza you cant beat IL Centro

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                    and i should add

                    Best Pub food in town is at Ironwood http://www.ironwoodstage.ca/lowdown/m...
                    Best BBQ is at Palominos http://www.thepalomino.ca/menu.pdf

                  2. my vote in Calgary goes to Rush. Great food.

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                      I secdond that. Chef's table is a very, very close second and might win out if you wanted to combine it with a stay at the GEORGEOUS RIVERSIDE INN.

                    2. Hi! Recently in penticton and enjoyed meals at 3 wineries. We took part in the festivities at the lobsterfest at Hillside winery in Penticton/Naramata. We have also eaten in their barrel room restaurant on a couple other occasions. Beautiful view and good food. Have to agree with balini on the lunch at Burrowing Owl. Again, a nice spot with a lovely ,modern restaurant. Also had lunch at Sumac Ridge.(Near Summerland) Again, very good. But, how can you go wrong in such a beautiful environment drinking B.C.wine?