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Apr 28, 2009 12:44 PM

Pizza AND burgers

As we all know, any thread on this board that asks where to get the best pizza or the best burgers quickly grows in size and controversy, but if I wanted to go to a single place that serves good selections from both of these major food groups, where would I go? Mistral's late night menu clearly is one leading contender. Others?

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  1. Celebrity in Watertown is one decent option (I go to Stella's more for Pizza), East Side Bar and Grill in Cambridge does a decent burger and offers 19" NY style pizza, but since they don't have a smaller option I haven't had it very often. Some Greek Pizza places do surprisingly decent cheeseburger subs, although for this I might go to Bob's food (charbroiled good with their hot peppers) with basic bakery pizza. Or go to Mangia Mangia and walk a couple of blocks to either Ernestos or Reginas.

    1. Great topic! Here are a few places that do a good job of both, IMO.

      - Waterfront Cafe, North End
      - Cronin's, Quincy
      - Common Ground, Allston
      - Doyle's, Jamaica Plain

        1. re: Bob Dobalina

          How could I forget the Halfway? Definitely--the bar pizza is really good there, and the burgers are just as good if not better. And those fries.......mmmmmm.......

        2. I don't know about wide selections, but you can get both at Garden at the Cellar, Upstairs on the Square, Gargoyles, Marliave, West Side Lounge and The Burren.

          1. Agree with the Waterfront Cafe, but I would also add Artu.