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whats for dinner tonight?

Just curious what the beautiful summer weather is inspiring everyone to cook tonight?

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  1. I made a batch of pad prik khing with crispy fried pork shoulder yesterday as I knew that I wouldn't want to turn on my stove in this heat.

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      I was thinking the same thing for tonight, a cold rice noodle concoction with lots of cilantro. what exactly is in pad prik khing?

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        Pad prik khing is a spicy Thai curry of pork or chicken and long beans. It is usually cooked until dry (without coconut milk) to highlight the biting flavors of ginger and galangal against the richness of fatty pork. I didn't have time to go to Chinatown to pick up long beans, so I subbed green beans and recreated the crispiness of the Sripraphai pad prik khing by frying the pork shoulder à la Filipino lechon kawali. There was a ton of flavor for such a minimum of work.

    2. pasta tossed with garlic sauteed chicken and homemade marinara sauce — straight from tomatoes, no cans involved.

      1. Gonna get some pho with ribeye, flank, and fatty brisket. Maybe even a bahn mi if I'm still hungry.

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          mmm... pho.... tomorrow for sure.
          i just made a simple fish with olive oil, thyme, garlic, shallots and lemon, and put it on top of raw squash, with the same ingredients above as a vinagrette, and it was delish. when its so easy its that much more delicious...

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            Oh, I so miss pho. There isn't any restaurants around me that serve it. I'm jealous!

          2. NC-style barbecue pork shoulder in the crock-pot, cole slaw, french fries and Mississippi Mud Black & Tan. I won't have to cook again for the rest of the week.

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              Oh I so love Mississippi Mud, hard to find around MA but a few package stores have it. Thats for the reminder of this luxurious beverage !!

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                Mississipi Mud is not distributed here in MD' I bought it at Trader Joe's in VA for $2.99. A bargain methinks!

            2. Big shrimp sauteed with a lot of garlic, some curried rice from the freezer left over from a dinner party, the green peas that you steam in their package, and lettuce and tomato salad. Curried rice: melt a stick of butter, in it saute (plenty of) curry powder, sliced onions, and golden raisins, and add hot cooked rice.

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                I never think about freezing my rice concoctions. What a good idea.

              2. 90 plus degrees in Boston. Uggh! Made spinach salad w farm fresh eggs I got in Friendship Maine last weekend. Mmmmmm!

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                  Summer Weather, summer food. Nice juicy, fatty cheeseburgers on the grill and hand cut fries...

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                      Truffle Fries if you like the flavor...after baking or frying, drizzle with truffle oil, some truffle salt and chopped parlsey....promise you will be spoiled (if you like truffles)

                2. Grilled Skirt with cilantro chimmichurri and potato salad.

                  1. Tonight it's the Chicken Saltimbocca recipe from Bon Appetit, Y'All by Virginia Willis, roasted baby Yukon Gold potatoes and steamed asparagus. The summer weather we had yesterday here in Boston has given way to temps in the 50's. How fickle is Mother Nature?

                    1. I am making roasted chicken over mache with walnuts with a side of a creamed corn, cornbread with goodies tucked into the center. Both of those ideas (mache under the chix and the cornbread concoction I got from fellow Chowhounds.! Chicken, mache and eggs from my own yard. The rest from who knows where. I may also slice up some tomatoes I got from the store yesterday. They are gorgeous and so darn good (I am eating one as I type).

                      1. Caesar salad with chicken or shrimp.

                        1. I pick up my first CSA box of the season (actually, my first CSA box ever) this afternoon. I haven't decided what I will use from the box for dinner tonight (probably the turnip greens), but I am definitely have strawberries for dessert :)

                          1. It's always summer in Arizona. Seriously. LOL

                            Anyway, I'm grilling a NY Strip for us tonight. Olive oil mashed potatoes and a tomato/cucmber salad alongside.

                            1. I made wholemeal fusilli with a creme fraiche and fromage frais sauce, sauteed onions, garlic, leeks red peppers , mushrooms and toasted pinenuts.

                              1. Been coolish here in the LA area last few days, but now warming up just a bit. So for a guest tonight, quick-braised boneless pork loin roast (pot-roasted with onions and butter), mashed buttered sweet potato au gratin, braised cabbage with bacon. A person with unadventurous tastes is coming over tomorrow, so I'll grill a flatiron steak, stir-cook some well-greased, well-seasoned baby potatoes in the grilling basket, and make a nice unchallenging green salad with a vinaigrette and some crumbled queso fresco. Make a nice change from our all but unrelieved recent diet of fish and salad, though that's nice too.

                                1. I made a big batch of pasta with homemade pesto- some for dinner tonight and some for lunch and nibbles for the next few days.

                                  1. Chicken was on sale at the Safeway, so I got a 4-pounder. Stuck pieces of garlic under the skin, sprinkled with cajun spice mix and put it in the oven to roast. Put a yam in there to bake alongside the bird. An hour later, I simmered corn on the cop and asparagus. A KISS meal.

                                    1. I think I am going to go with some New England Clam Chowder and Clam Cakes,best time to get these clams in now ... fresh from the ocean !!

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                                        surfrider crab cakes, mesclun salad and mashed potatoes with a cold glass of sauvignon blanc ; for dessert, grilled fruit with dulce de leche ice cream...mmmm can't wait!

                                        1. re: bythebayov

                                          Hi, I googled to find out what surfrider crab cakes are since I've been on a quest for help with a recipe for lump crab cakes I LOVE from a restaurant. One of the ingredients is a mystery. Would appreciate any tips/advice/recipe you can share on this thread:

                                          Is this what you made or do you have a different recipe? I was hopeful someone would chime in with advice on some of my question, but no dice as yet.

                                          P.S. Your dinner sounds great--I am esp. drawn to the dessert portion of the program (but what else is new)!

                                          1. re: kattyeyes

                                            Thanks, it was good! I added old bay as well and used backfin but followed the rest of the recipe. What did you make for dinner?

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                                              Yesterday I made chicken coconut soup with a bunch of fresh veggies and served it over rice for dinner. We ate the entire pot of soup, just the two of us! Tonight will be filet mignon on the grill.

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                                                mmm I love thai coconut milk soup! Tonight we are making sea bass (husband loves to fish so it's wild and fresh) with a saffron- tomato cream sauce over angel hair w asparagus in a lemon vinagrette. No dessert tonight :-( but can't wait for dinner...fillet sounds awesome!

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                                                  My mom would be sooooooooo jealous. Sea bass is one of her favorites (as is asparagus), so your dinner has her name written all over it. Caught wild and fresh is even better. Enjoy! :)

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                                            I am so jealous!! We moved from Virginia Beach to Chicago a year ago and Surf Riders is one of our favorite places to go. We always went to the Newtown Road location. And their crab cakes are the best ever.

                                        2. Well it looks as though (weather is great) a turkey breast thrown on the bbq, which is a first. Done chicken,but never this. should be good.
                                          So, BBQ Turkey Breast
                                          Corn on the Cobb
                                          Baby greens and herbs salad with raspberry dressing
                                          Peach cobbler (maybe an ice cream thinking about if fresh pineapple would work)
                                          Pinot Grigioj or Ice Tea

                                          1. Tonight we're having French Dips with some beautiful roast beef I found on sale w/ provolone, sauteed onions and hot pepper rings. With the nice weather today I'm going to grill some corn to go alongside, buttered and sprinkled with parm reg. Strange combo maybe but I'm already drooling!

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                                              ooooohhhhhhh now that sounds good, we love our French Dips! I like to saute the onions and peppers too for the dh. nice choice.

                                              1. re: chef chicklet

                                                We love 'em too! They turned out delicious. I have never made a roast beef myself and pot roasts are done in the crock-pot so unfortunately I rely on the packet Au Jus. We've alway's used Knorr brand but I can't seem to find it all of a sudden so I used McCormick last night and we really liked it!

                                                Time got away from me last night so the corn I planned to grill is instead going to be grilled tonight with chicken fajita's. MMM, grilled meat and veggies. Nom nom nom.

                                                1. re: Alicat24

                                                  what cut of meat did you use--i'm on a constant quest for a good "roast beef sandwich" cut

                                            2. Making Shellfish Stew with Chorizo and Rouille @ cooking.com - uses roasted red peppers in the sauce, looks yum.

                                              1. Highs in the mid-80s here in my part of LA; grilling weather! Today's farmer's market has a vendor selling grass-fed beef, so I'll pick up a steak and some asparagus and whatever other veggies look good. Very simple.

                                                1. Dinner tonight (and lunch tomorrow) will be roasted chicken breast with turnips and sauteed turnip greens with green garlic. It's CSA week #2 and so far I'm loving it!

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                                                    Im always worried I wont be able to get through all the veggies in time...have you had trouble with this? how many people are you feeding?

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                                                      I'm only feeding myself, so I bought a half share. I've only had one full week so far, and was able to eat everything in the box before time to pick up the next batch (including the radish greens!), but I tend to eat a lot of vegetables anyway. The biggest challenge for week one was getting through the full head of lettuce knowing there would be more in week 2. It helped to think "outside the salad" so to speak - I made chicken/lettuce wraps that we're pretty good.

                                                  2. crockpot chicken. chicken breast in the crockpot now with stock, garlic, wine and seasonings - making green beans and some kind of carb .... i haven't figured that portion out yet.

                                                    1. Hey Grandpa! What's for supper?" "Biscuits smothered in rich gravy, fried chicken, home made mashed pototes and collard greens with warm maple nut cake for desert" replies Grandpa Jones.

                                                      For all you "Oldielocks" out there.

                                                        1. Cajun meatloaf, macaroni and cheese and Louisiana gumbo (okra, corn and tomatoes)

                                                          1. It's been 100+ here in Phoenix. Summer is here. boo hiss.

                                                            Anyway, I actually haven't cooked all week but my husband decided we needed a homecooked meal tonight and took charge while I was at work today. The results were definitely nothing to complain about:

                                                            Rack of spare ribs done on the Big Green Egg
                                                            Salad of grilled yellow squash, grilled spring onion, fresh tomatoes and basil vinaigrette
                                                            Grilled corn on the cob(in season now in Arizona. yum!)

                                                            1. tonight, grilled tuna and asparagus, strawberry, walnut and poppy seed salad, brown rica and carrot cake for dessert made by my momma mmmmmm

                                                              1. Dinner got messed up tonight...but it was good mess up...I call it Steakhouse Pasta...

                                                                Sauteed mushroom and asapargus reserve to the side, sautee steak with chopped garlic (used tenderloin...told you it was a mess up) and then make a white wine cream sauce (use 1/2 milk and 1/2 stock) add mushrooms and asapargus along with pasta (that has been cooked) to the steak and sauce mixture, toss and turn heat off and cover for 10 minutes...top with fresh chopped parsley...damn it was so good...eating it while I type so i don't forget

                                                                1. Grilled salmon, potato salad, the endless coleslaw from my Chow Recipe Lab adventure--