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Apr 28, 2009 11:55 AM

Mimi's in Mahone Bay and Magnolia in Lunenberg

About 3 years ago we spent wonderful time along "the shore" in Nova Scotia. Had 2 wonderful meals at Mimi's in Mahone Bay and Magnolias in Lunenberg. Do these places still exist and is the food still as excellent as I remember it?Tried to find a web site for both of them and got an error message.
If you have any faves you'd like to throw in, please do so as we are once again traveling the shore up to PEI and Cape Breton.

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  1. Magnolia's is still there, as good as ever, and apparently they are now open Sundays.

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      I made a return visit to Magnolia's this weekend, and loved it as much as ever. The spinach and goat cheese salad with chicken was delicious, and the perfect size in order to "save room" for dessert. A new addition to the dessert menu is Lemon and Cream Pie, which almost matches the perfection of the Key Lime Pie. I had (shared) both!

      ETA - I went Saturday, and the Sunday opening may be just a rumour.

    2. Lunenburg: Fleu de Sel is superb, excellent and imaginative wine list, truly innovative use of regional ingredients. It is pricey but very much worth it

      Lunenburg: Trattoria della Nonna: again interesting use of local ingredients, mostly with an Italian (well you knew that!) twist ...really great value for lunch, minestrone, pizza et al and more substantial at dinner but great fun in the evenings with a bar and all

      Mahone Bay: The Biscuit Eater: Dawn and Alden really care about the area and do a great trade in sandwiches and baked goods with a locavore twist...this is a coffee/sandwich/ bakery/ talk to the locals/bookstore.

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