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Gluten-free products at Trader Joe's

I recently started a gluten-free elimination diet and happened to notice some gluten-free products at TJs this weekend- I can't try most of them yet until I get through the first 3 weeks of this diet but they looked really good. I had already tried the gluten-free ginger snaps and I love them- if you're into authentic spicy ginger snaps these are the bomb. Today I picked up the gluten-free cranberry nut granola, and that stuff is deadly. I almost ate half the bag in one sitting.

I also saw TJs brand gluten-free english muffins, french rolls, and a rice bread. Has anyone tried them? Are they good? Do you know about any other gluten-free stuff Trader Joe's has?

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  1. delicious granola... typically, not 100% good for you (there are corn chips, basically freetos in there). But it also has sunflower seeds and flax seeds and other great stuff.

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      that GF granola is just a repackaged Bakery on Main product. do you really like it? i've tried it, and i had major issues with it. first of all, it's waaay too sweet for me. and second, they've got no right calling it granola when there's nary an oat in sight. it's corn cereal!

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        lol I fully agree- it was like having candy. I did like it, it was the right texture and flavor for me for a good treat. I ate it straight out of the bag. by deadly I meant probably not healthy at all lol

    2. here's a link to their website, with a list of all the gf products they carry:

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        thanks! I've been on their site but didn't realize they had a gluten-free list. Has anyone tried any of these? Thoughts on gluten-free products?

      2. I am not gluten free myself but I love TJ's gluten free Banana Waffles.

        1. I will preface by saying I have been a dxed celiac for 5 years and love to bake my own stuff from scratch. I also love to cook and feel most naturally GF things ar more appealing than those trying to imitate a product wherr gluten is key (e.g. yeast breads). I do miss good bread from time to time - I make versions that are OK, but have yet to find a shelf brand I like. Anyway, I don't want you to be discouraged because of my "reviews" - I have noted the products I know others like more than me.

          We do the waffles - they are Van's under TJs branding. The key is to toast well or they are mealy. I also use them as a base for French toast or bread pudding.

          I despise the dairy free pancakes - they have a very off flavor but many others like them.

          The rice bread I also don't like, but it is most palatable if you toast it. My son who was dxed at 2 with Celiac loves the stuff though.

          Neither of us liked the rice tortillas, but we are super happy with our local taquerias fresh corn tortillas.

          My son likes the mac and cheese, but I don't (but I don't like box stuff),

          Pasta is fine, it takes awhile to get used to cooking rice pasta - it goes from al dente to mush quickly.

          Ours doesn't have the English muffins or french rolls. I suspect that they might taste strange to you. IMO most GF breads taste best when you have been celiac for long enough to forget what real bread tastes like : ). Quick breads however work rather well GF.

          The baking mixes are fine. Pancake mix is best if you use buttermilk instead of the directed milk and the brownies if you use melted butter. I tend to bake from scratch, but others have liked it.

          We do like the granola as a treat, and the gingersnaps made some crumb crusts until my son decided he didn't like them (fickle boy).

          I have heard good things about the chocolate souffle and cookies in the frozen section, but I haven't had them since I enjoy baking.

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            Thanks this is really helpful! And ginger is a strong spice- like your son, i go back and forth on it ;)

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              We do the waffles - they are Van's under TJs branding.

              I'm certain they aren't Vans. I've noticed that Van's fall apart when you add syrup. TJ's GF waffles don't. Van's waffles plain have a taste resembling cardboard. TJ's waffles have better flavor and texture.

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                perhaps things have changed recently, but a friend who worked for Van's packaging department told me last year that they were, in fact, the supplier to TJ's for that item...

            2. I used the gluten-free brownie mix a few months back and I had some problems with the bake time. Although the packaging does give a set time and specifically instructs you not to overbake, "brownies will appear underdone", etc., my result with the suggested time was just way too underdone and I had to return them to the oven for an additional 3-4 minutes after which the edges became hard after cooling. I also suspect this could have been a result of the dark non-stick pan I was using which does tend to brown things quickly. Regardless, they were very well received, maybe just be aware of what you bake them in.

              1. i like the frozen waffles, frozen pancakes, flourless chocolate walnut cookies and brownie mix. the rice bread is good if you toast it and put a little cream cheese on it (strangely).

                1. If you visit the service desk, every Trader Joe's has a complete list (by category) of all gluten-free products offered in the store. Grab one and go shopping!

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                    you can also download the PDF file from their website.

                  2. Tortilla Chips with an Identity Crisis are fabulous

                    Sweet Potato Chips

                    Envirokids Panda Peanut Butter Puffs

                    Sundried Tomato Pesto Torta

                    BBQ Shredded Chicken

                    Chicken Enchiladas in Salsa Verde

                    Chicken Taquitos

                    Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Soup

                    Butternut Squash Soup

                    Pumpkin Butter

                    Eggplant Parmesan (the grilled not fried version)

                    Marinated Mushrooms with Garlic (could eat the whole jar in a go)

                    Kettle Corn

                    Double Rainbow Sorbet

                    Fruit Leathers

                    Pecan Pralines

                    Vanilla Marshmallows

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                      oo i've always been a big fan of the marinated mushrooms too. last week i was juggling 3 jars while reorganizing my pantry, and i dropped one. It smashed onto the kitchen floor and broke apart as it rolled across. Dozens of little mushrooms, minced garlic and marinade not to mention bits of glass spread out ALL OVER my kitchen. It was a disaster! And I was so sad to lose a jar! lol

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                        how tragic! i'd be looking around at the mess half contemplating whether there might be a mushroom or two that i could salvage... is there really glass in *all* of them?

                    2. We don't have the english muffins at our TJ's, but we are not fans of the rice bread or the french rolls. Like the brownie mix--I add chocolate chips. The granola is def the same as Bakery on Main, and it's the best we've found GF. Like the frozen pancakes--waffles not as much. Also find the frozen white and brown rice to be very convenient and good. Jambalaya rice pouch is also GF and good for a convenient, at-work lunch option. Have added shrimp or chicken to it for a meal.

                      1. I think both the french rolls and english muffins are ok if you toast them. They may take a little getting used to but they are better than other GF breads I've tried. I don't like the rice bread, it's very heavy and needs to be toasted to be palatable, but it doesn't even toast that well. I'll skip the story about my toaster oven catching fire the first time I tried it.