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Apr 28, 2009 11:06 AM

Lunch around the Union Square area

I'm looking for a place to take a foodie client from out of town to lunch. We have a meeting a little south of Union Square and I'm looking for somewhere in that general area-price and ethnicity are not really a concern....just something unpretentious.

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  1. Ippudo for Ramen. 15 East for Japanese, though I've never been for lunch. Gotham Bar & Grill has a lunch pre fixe. Stand for burgers.

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    1. re: lanadai

      Thanks, lanadai! I've heard about Ippudo, but their website freaks me out b/c I can't read it or find a menu.'s worth it though?

      1. re: wcgirl

        For a foodie client, yes. They have lunch specials, ramen + small rice dish for like $15. Their menu is on Last time I went to lunch around 1pm and there was no wait.

    2. I had a really good at maxies Grill (connected to Angelo and Maxies)

      1. I highly recommend Tocqueville. Superb French-inspired New American cuisine, good service, understated elegant decor, and not a hint of pretentiousness. Even for those who are not price-conscious, the $24 3-course prix-fixe is an absolute steal for food of this high quality. There is an a la carte menu as well.

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          This looks like a great place. Have you done the wine pairing with the lunch? I will be visiting NYC next week and will also be right in the Union Square area-this could be a prime contender for lunch.