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Apr 28, 2009 10:39 AM

Whole Wheat Flour

Hi. I'm completely new to the baking game. I'm going to try to make some dessert this weekend, and I already have King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour. First, is it best to use whole wheat flour only when the recipe calls for it, or is it interchangeable? And second, anybody have favorite desserts that are made with whole wheat flour?


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  1. first time around, it's generally better to use what's listed in a recipe. that being said, ww flour creates a much heavier, denser product than white, with a slightly fuller flavor. products made from ww also do not rise as high.

    1. It's generally a good flavor/texture/health compromise to sub in 1/3-1/2 ww flour, but it would help if we knew what kind of dessert you were planning on making as, for instance, pie crust would be a different issue than, say, pound cake.

      1. Whole wheat flour works great in breads like banana or zucchini or something with chocolate chips, all of which make delish deserts, warmed up with some butter...

        1. I wouldn't replace it for the reasons above--if you haven't baked much and haven't used whole wheat flour, you don't just replace all purpose flour with it. King Arthur has good recipes in its whole wheat cookbook, and many are online. I really like the brownies recipe but it calls for white whole wheat and regular would change the texture.

          You can replace up to half in denser desserts, as CoryKatherine said, but I also increase the liquids, somewhat, or add some orange juice but that requires experimenting.

          1. if you are interested in using whole wheat in desserts, you may want to invest in a bag of "Whole wheat PASTRY flour". I have better results when subbing 1/2 or more of this in my cookies and muffins.

            regular whole wheat is a bit too heavy for everyday quick bread baking. i usually put some in yeasted breads and moist chocolate banana breads in conjunction with wheat germ for the fiber boost.

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