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Apr 28, 2009 10:19 AM

what's at SLM (north) now?

hi chowhounders,

i go to SLM a few times in the summer ... not so much in the winter months. i've got a hankering to get down there again this weekend. we live in etobicoke and it's not a huge trek but the drive + parking + crowds sometimes can be a turn off.

has anyone been lately? what is the produce like in the north market (on a saturday)?



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  1. hi again,

    wondering if anyone has an update on this? we're thinking about going this saturday instead...


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    1. re: lilaki

      The North Market is more "farmer" like. It's the original market. You'll find quite a few veggie farmers in there selling their veggies along with some meat /egg/ cheese/ type vendors. It has a different feel than the South Market. Ramps are in season and you can also find fiddleheads and fingerling potatoes etc. If you're going on Saturday, you can go to both markets....not sure what time the North Market closes though because I do believe it's earlier than the South Market

      1. re: LUV_TO_EAT

        I would suggest going to the North Market as early as possible because near closing time, it's slim pickings (if anything at all)!

    2. excellent! i'll hit the north market this weekend ... mmmmm, fingerlings! :) thanks.