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Apr 28, 2009 10:12 AM

Recommendations for Lunch and Dinner with 16 month old Twins in Philly and Deptford, NJ

Travelling to Philly with 16 month old twins and grandparents. Need family friendly restaurant suggestions for 12 noon lunch and 5 pm dinner. Also, if anyone would recommend restaurant for a night out for my wife and I would also be appreciated! Thanks

Also, staying at Deptford Residence Inn if anyone knows of anything in Deptford just in case we are out of the city

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  1. Try Local 44 in West Philly if you're in the area. They have a 'baby momma happy hour' one night during the week. Not sure which, but you can check it out here:

    1. Hah, I work evenings Woodbury so Deptford is often a regular choice for me for dinner.

      Adelphia is pretty ok in the area. It's like...a diner crossed with a nightclub crossed with a party/catering joint. Salads are really good, as are the wood grill dishes and specials. One of those places with a menu that goes on for pages after pages so plenty of choices that would please little kids as well as older diners.

      Filomena Lakeview is where our office has a lot of luncheons. Typical but decent South Jersey Italian.

      Hollywood Diner in nearby Woodbury Heights is another big local joint and good diner food. Somehow they make outrageously good crab cakes and I love the grilled vegetable platter too.

      And of course, the Deptford Mall is surrounded by all your typical chain joints, if you end up stuck with no better options.

      1. Are the kids good eaters? Will they hang in high chairs or want to roam the floor? Any ethnic preferences or dislikes? What price range?

        1. Chains are great with kids. Right near you is Pizzaria Uno with decent food and kid-friendly. I've also seen tons of kids at Parc, and you should be able to get a res with no issue at 5PM.

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            Thanks for the suggestions. i do need 2 high chairs and quick service to feed the hungry chowpups as they have no patience once they sit down. like to try something either than chain and some of the places people mentioned sound good. thanks!

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              When my kids were that age, we always had good luck in Chinatown for quick service (and the kids would usually eat either rice or noodles). They don't all have high chairs, but they are all very kid friendly. I'm pretty sure that Sang Kee has high chairs (and yummy peking duck).

              1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

                Sang Kee does have high chairs and it's our favorite Chinese restaurant in the city but if the twins like to bolt after being in their high chair after a while Sang Kee might not be the best place - they pack in the tables so there's really no room for kids to wander around (with the parent whose turn it is to walk with them, natch) and lunch could be busy so service might be on the slow side. I'd think going there at 5 would be fine, though. They have AWESOME roast pork for what it's worth.

                We took our kids to Distrito
                for lunch to celebrate our boy's first birthday. The place is HUGE, colorful and fun. Lots for little ones to look at and wander around. The have a $15 "Blue Demon" lunch special where you can pick one item from two categories. The food was delicious and we walked away very full and happy.
                It's in West Philly so we were able to park right outside a few steps away from the restaurant which was another plus.

                1. re: isadorasmama

                  I was just thinking of taking our kids to Distrito (going to be in the nabe Sat. for an early dinner). I know they'd love the decor, but I worry that they won't eat anything. My daughter (6) is extremely picky. I think we might try it anyway b/c I love the food and it's been too long since we've been there.