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Apr 28, 2009 10:10 AM

Recommendations for Lunch and Dinner near Residence Inn on 39 St and 6th Ave

Travelling to NYC with 16 month old twins and grandparents. Need family friendly restaurant suggestions for 12 noon lunch and 5 pm dinner. Also, if anyone would recommend restaurant for a night out for my wife and I would also be appreciated! Thanks

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  1. PLEASE elaborate, i.e: Cuisine/neighborhood/budgetary preferences. Thanks.

    1. That area is a not a great food neighborhood, particularly for sit-down places -- I used to work right there. Here are some options that might work:
      1) Simply Pasta, not sure of the address, somewhere around 41st between Bway and 6th. Recommended it for a pre-theater for someone with tykes and they were pleased.
      2) More adventurous: Lazzara's pizza, 38th (I think) just off 7th. Might be a bit far. Good square pizza, very little atmosphere but sort of an "only in NY" place. Chicken parm hero also gets good reviews here.
      3) Look for reviews of Szechuan Gourmet on this board to see if it's for you. Very good Chinese, but more real Chinese than American style Chinese.

      Since you've got some real little ones, I'd also urge you to explore grabbing stuff and a table at Bryant Park. 42nd street along the North Side of the park has a bunch of not-awful chains (Hale & Hearty, Cosi, Chipotle, and my fave Pret a Manger.) There's also a Wichcraft (fancier sandwiches) kiosk in the park, and Kati Roll Company (Indian fast food) nearby. There's also a falafel/pita place called Olympic Pita that's tasty.

      Not sure if you're trying to stay in that neighborhood for your "night out" or what your price point is. But if you're looking for good food I'd skip Bryant Park Grill despite its picturesque appearance. Search this board -- there are tons of recs for this type of thing.

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        Thanks, I appreciate the rec. not picky on cuisine. looking more for places that can accomodate 4 adults and 2 high chairs. food needs to be quick with twins. looking to spend under 20 per person. I have stayed in midtown in past and always had good luck with hell kitchen area (delta grill, nicks greek) if places like those still around but i know a little further up from residence inn.

        Thanks JMJD for suggestions on bryant park. that might work for lunch!

        1. re: cdoobiest

          I second Olympic Pita, Lazzara's, and Szechuan Gourmet (maybe not as kid friendly as the other two)

          I would add Arno for Italian on 38th near, I believe, Broadway. Also, Pain Quotidien on 40th between 5th and 6th always has tons of kids there for lunch and early dinner and its always good.