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Apr 28, 2009 09:47 AM

Marben recs?

I got a $200 g/c to Marben for a dinner for 2 (expries tomorrow) so I'm going there tonight.
Looking at the menu, it seems like we can each have a 3 course meal easily (w/o drinks).

Has anyone been there?
What are the good dishes? anything to avoid?

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  1. yes. it was fine. I dont remember any our dishes being exceptionally noteworthy and its hard to give advice on dishes without knowing your food preferences but, you'll enjoy yourselves.

    1. Great spot, great food - we had a very enjoyable night there in the Fall.

      Duck Tacos and Deep South Quails were the stand-out appetizers and mains, respectively, on the table the night we went. Both still on the menu.

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        Thanks for the review :)

        Doesn't seem like many people have visited this place, as the restaurant was pretty empty (3 tables of 2, during dinner time), and there aren't too many reviews.

        We really enjoyed our meal, partially because we were on an ordering spree...$200 is a lot for two people who weren't drinking! We ordered several appetizers, two salads, and 3 mains. The appetizers were good, both salads were great, the nicoise stood out for me because I love seared tuna, and all the mains were excellent (although I wasn't really excited about any of the sides). The black cod stood out, it was perfectly cooked, crispy on the outside, amazingly tender and flaky on the inside. The arctic char and lamb were also delicious.

        I was also being a little bit creepy with my new camera: here are some pics!
        Note that my picture of the cod did NOT do it justice. I'm still experimenting.