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Apr 28, 2009 09:46 AM

Mansion on O Street

Has anyone been to the Afternoon Tea or High Tea at the Mansion on O Street? Any input is appreciated.

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  1. yes...twice. i think we had two choices of tea. very enjoyable, wide selection of food. lots of sweets.

    1. Has anyone been to the Mansion on O recently for BRUNCH or AFTERNOON TEA? Thanks.

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      1. re: Gigi007

        I had brunch there on Sunday. Overall, was quite impressed. I didn't try the omelets or waffles, as I can make those at home, but some of the breakfast food was fabulous - I particularly liked the cheese grits and peppered bacon. The "lunch" room was the standout for me, lots of inspired side-type dishes including lots that seemed fresh/healthy as well as delicious. A roasted fig salad and marinated mushrooms were two of my favorites. The third broad category is desserts. For me these were a little less exciting, as seemed less creative than the savory dishes, but the ones I tasted were well-executed. In all categories, the selection was very impressive. My only complaint would be that at the price, I expected champagne refills to come a little more readily!

        1. re: esbrucho

          Thanks for the report, esbrucho. The roasted fig salad sounds fabulous, and in general everything you described sounds worthwhile. I hear you on the slow champagne refills though. At $55 per person, that would be a concern of mine too. All in all, would you return and how does it compare with your brunch experiences at other area restaurants?. My current favorites for brunch are the Tabard Inn and Blue Duck Tavern, but I'm looking for alternatives that are as good, if not better. Thanks.