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Apr 28, 2009 08:55 AM

lunch around north york centre

where would you go? need to eat in under an hour, preferably for under $15. any kind of cuisine, but sit-down space needed.

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  1. I would go to Ichiban on Spring Garden Rd. Decent sushi and pretty quick.

    1. I like the fish burritos at Bar Burrito.

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      1. re: obstructionist

        Ichiban sushi on Spring Garden RD. is very good and fresh. Staff is very nice.

      2. There is also an Ichiban Sushi inside North York Centre, which is fairly good. There is also Milestones, but i'm thinking that's a bit on the pricy side.

        1. Ehwa...korean place just north of NYC, west side of yonge. One of my favourite korean restaurants in the city. As a bonus the restaurant is nice and clean compared to most korean restaurants.

          1. thanks for the suggestions! my break was cut down to 45 mins, so we hit the salad bar in loblaws - not a bad selection in the end, but pricey. thanks chers!