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Apr 28, 2009 08:37 AM



My wife and I are very excited for our first trip to the Charleston this weekend for our one year wedding anniversary. I have read conflicting things online about the dress code. Does anyone know from experience the dress code at the Charleston? I have read business casual and also that a jacket/tie is required. I am not sure which way to go. thanks.

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  1. Jackets are not required, but you certainly would not be a sore thumb if you wore one. It feels good to go all out on special occasions like your first anniversary! Why not dress the part too? Enjoy and Happy Anniversary!

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      I completely agree with BaltoPhilFood. Isn't part of a special dining out occasion getting "dressed up" and showing off your finery!?

      Anyhow, I'm certain you've made the right choice with Charleston to celebrate your anniversary. Congratulations to the both of you. FoiGras

    2. Yum! I took my parents there for my Dad's birthday earlier this month. It seemed that the earlier seatings - men were in dress pants and button down or pullovers, and the later seatings - all were in jacket & tie, and some of the ladies looked Very nice.

      1. Def business casual, though I always suit up to head there. Enjoy yourself. It is best to just ignore the prices and order whatever tickles your fancy.

        I love pairing the multi-course meal with wine...MMMmmm. sauteed soft crab in a light corn meal served with a nice champagne...

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          dress to the'll wish you did if you don't. i concur with cheeseisblue..order whatever you want. and don't skip the cheese course. they've got some truly extraordinary pieces on their cart. if epoisses, or lagioule are featured you must order.

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            Thanks, everyone!

            I dressed up and was very happy that I did. My wife and I had the most wonderful meal and it was worth every penny (well, almost). Truly a special experience.