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Apr 28, 2009 08:11 AM

chinese take out in brooklyn heights

any recommendations from people that live/work in the neighborhood?
I am over due for a some yummy, and not too greasy lo mein.

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  1. To give you a sense where I'm coming from, I like mainstream American-style Chinese food; I think the Ollie's mini-empire on the Upper West Side is pretty good, as is China Fun on UWS and UES.

    Sorry to say that Chinese restaurants in the Heights don't even come close. You might find a few dishes that are all right but many items can be shockingly bad.

    I'd say Sea Asia (currently on Clark, near Henry; moving soon) is the best of a bad bunch.

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    1. re: Mark Alberts

      Sea is gone now, they'll be opening up on Livingston in Downtown area soon.

    2. Chinese takeout in the Heights is dreadful. There are some nice nearby places, but not Chinese.

      1. Has anyone been to Chu's Garden? I just got a flyer from there.

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          Andy's is passable and has a slight Japanese edge to it (the chicken for some of the fried preparations are almost katsu-style and coated in panko crumbs). The best Chinese in the area is Chance on Smith St, which is in Boerum Hill. Again, not great, but pretty tasty and they do dim sum and some fusiony things. (It's name is a merging of China and France, and it's original concept was to have two chefs in the kitchen - one Chinese and one French - cooking fusion dishes with their classic techniques.)

        2. I think Andy's is easily the best Chinese takeout in the neighborhood. They are consistent, and generous with their portions. They're really nice about special requests, too. I'm a big fan of their pan-fried pork dumplings, and the hot and sour soup is very good too.

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            While I agree the dumplings are good, most of the main courses are AWFUL. Tasteless and underconsidered, without much of the ethnic flavor that made them interesting in the first place. It is not the greasy glop of many American chinese places, just bland and useless in the extreme.

            1. re: NYJewboy

              I agree, we tried a couple times and the delivery from Andy's was horrible. I'm not sure why people like it. We love the wonton soup at Me and My Egg Roll (though the rest of their food is pretty gloopy). Chance is really the best bet but it's not corner chinese nor is the price. Oh and Szechuan Garden on Smith is usually quite good though we haven't ordered from there in a while.

              And if you'll eat Vegan asian, go with Wild Ginger. We're hard core meat eaters but we love that place....their gen. tsao soy protein (laugh...) is so much tastier than the lousy gen. tsao chicken at the chinese spots in the area.

          2. IMO the food at FORTUNE HOUSE on Henry Street is much better than ANDY'S.

            Most takeout is disgusting by the time you get ut home. The food just steams in the closed containers and is very watery and mushy. I guess if you must do takeout, things like dumplings, spare ribs and friend rice are OK.