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chinese take out in brooklyn heights

any recommendations from people that live/work in the neighborhood?
I am over due for a some yummy, and not too greasy lo mein.

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  1. To give you a sense where I'm coming from, I like mainstream American-style Chinese food; I think the Ollie's mini-empire on the Upper West Side is pretty good, as is China Fun on UWS and UES.

    Sorry to say that Chinese restaurants in the Heights don't even come close. You might find a few dishes that are all right but many items can be shockingly bad.

    I'd say Sea Asia (currently on Clark, near Henry; moving soon) is the best of a bad bunch.

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      Sea is gone now, they'll be opening up on Livingston in Downtown area soon.

    2. Chinese takeout in the Heights is dreadful. There are some nice nearby places, but not Chinese.

      1. Has anyone been to Chu's Garden? I just got a flyer from there.

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          Andy's is passable and has a slight Japanese edge to it (the chicken for some of the fried preparations are almost katsu-style and coated in panko crumbs). The best Chinese in the area is Chance on Smith St, which is in Boerum Hill. Again, not great, but pretty tasty and they do dim sum and some fusiony things. (It's name is a merging of China and France, and it's original concept was to have two chefs in the kitchen - one Chinese and one French - cooking fusion dishes with their classic techniques.)

        2. I think Andy's is easily the best Chinese takeout in the neighborhood. They are consistent, and generous with their portions. They're really nice about special requests, too. I'm a big fan of their pan-fried pork dumplings, and the hot and sour soup is very good too.

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            While I agree the dumplings are good, most of the main courses are AWFUL. Tasteless and underconsidered, without much of the ethnic flavor that made them interesting in the first place. It is not the greasy glop of many American chinese places, just bland and useless in the extreme.

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              I agree, we tried a couple times and the delivery from Andy's was horrible. I'm not sure why people like it. We love the wonton soup at Me and My Egg Roll (though the rest of their food is pretty gloopy). Chance is really the best bet but it's not corner chinese nor is the price. Oh and Szechuan Garden on Smith is usually quite good though we haven't ordered from there in a while.

              And if you'll eat Vegan asian, go with Wild Ginger. We're hard core meat eaters but we love that place....their gen. tsao soy protein (laugh...) is so much tastier than the lousy gen. tsao chicken at the chinese spots in the area.

          2. IMO the food at FORTUNE HOUSE on Henry Street is much better than ANDY'S.

            Most takeout is disgusting by the time you get ut home. The food just steams in the closed containers and is very watery and mushy. I guess if you must do takeout, things like dumplings, spare ribs and friend rice are OK.

            1. I absolutely love Chinese food and am quite picky about quality.

              When I first moved to this area in Brooklyn three years ago, I asked the same thing on Chowhound and got pretty much the same answer. And, for three years have been searching for a place to get good Chinese. All of the options in the area are horrible. I can't understand why someone won't open up a place with good food. Its so frustrating.

              Lately, I have been jumping in the car around 6 or 6:30PM and hopping over the Manhattan Bridge. Bear left and get onto Canal Street. Turn left onto Mott Street. Take your pick, Amazing 66 is on the left, or turn left (one block up) onto Bayard for Nice Green Bo. Both places are good, but the fried dumplings and the garlic eggplant at Nice Green are amazing. As an added bonus, the food is cheaper than the local Brooklyn places. I order the food before I leave my apt and its ready when I arrive. I jump out of the car, grab the food, run back to the car and drive one block onto the Bowery. Take a left onto the Bowery and bear right for the bridge. There is virtually no traffic at that time of day and there is parking in front of both restaurants too (sometimes I stop in front of a hydrant or bring a passenger, but its very quick).

              Remarkably, the entire trip takes about 20 minutes door to door and believe me, its worth it!! If you don't have a car, you need to bribe a neighbor or a friend. Once you do this, you will never order the garbage that is offered in the neighborhood. The last time I ordered from Andys it took 45 minutes. I have yet to find a place in Chinatown that will deliver over the bridge, but they should.

              If anyone knows of a better way, I would love to hear it.

              Good luck!!

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                I fully agree with Fleur on this one... Fortune House is much better than Andy's for take out and actually has some things that are ok in desparation. If you're ordering for 1 or 2 people and pick carefully, you can have a decent meal. However, doughreme is more correct than anyone on this... with a car or if feeding more than 2 people, going to Chinatown from Bklyn Hts is actually the best bet. Even if you add $15-20 for a car service round trip (you can bargain with the guys on Henry St for this), picking up an order for 4 from NY Noodletown or most of the other good places in Chinatown winds up no more expensive and great eating.

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                  Two thoughts for you. One is Lichee Nut - still bad but a contender for "the best of a bad bunch". I like the steamed juicy buns and the chicken with hot pepper sauce. Again, just passable, but will do in a pinch. The second thought- again, if you have a car - is to go deeper into Brooklyn instead of Chinatown. Dont get me wrong, I am a big fan of Amazing 66 and based on the post, want to try Nice Green. But the Brooklyn trip is more of an adventure. If there is no traffic on the Gowanus (but when does that ever happen?), you can make it down to Bay Ridge to the Grand Sichuan House and back (same concept) in just a little bit more time than Chinatown. Its located right off the highway and there are multiple posts on how good this place is - and if you have a hankering for good Szechuan (which I frequently have), it can be on a par with Chinatown (which has few good szechuan options). The other adventure (both geographically and culinarily) is to go to Brooklyn's Chinatown - a little bit more zig zagging through the avenues, but really worth it. I have fallen in love with Yunnan Flavor Snack.
                  775 49th St Brooklyn, NY 11220 (718) 633-3090. i do the same thing, call ahead, the owners are really nice people. Stop in front, there is always parking room (bus stop) and get it to go. There are a few really good posts on that one too - I always follow the recommendations and get the dumplings and one of the other meat and spicy broth soups. The noodle soups are ridiculously good and travel about as well as anything travels. Its 5 miles from Brooklyn Heights and in the evening, I have done it 15 minutes each way.

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                    BillyBob, What do you get at Grand Sichuan House? My husband and I used to go to a place in Chinatown called Little Schezhuan (on Oliver St, I believe) regularly. Sadly, it moved around the corner to the location that Dim Sum A Go Go in currently in and then closed a year or two later. We still haven't found a place to replace it. He always got the shredded beef with dry bean curd and the minced pork noodles, which had little bits of cubbed tofu and lots of a light brown silky textured broth. Would love to eat that again.

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                      if you do a search under Grand Sichuan Bay Ridge, you should pick up a number of long threads with exquisite details on what to order. BobMartinez does extensive posting on it and many others have added their views - I really couldnt do it justice (although my favorties remain the duck with green beans and double sauteed pork done traditionally with the bacon/pork).....

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                        Little Schezhuan: i miss this place in a bad way

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                          We loved Little Szechuan as well--and also haven't found a replacement. It was never as good once it moved.

                  2. We rotate btw. Andy's, Fortune House, and Lichee Nut. I think they are all interchangeable for the most part and they all pretty much suck. We have had the best luck recently with Lichee Nut, fwiw. My advice is to order from each and determine who does your favorite dishes best, then stick with 'em. Every so often, try one of the alternates just for variety's sake. When motivated, we are prone to ordering from Szechuan Garden on Smith St. and picking it up -- it is worth it...not Chinatown, but blows away the Heights joints.

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                      I'm glad to hear that Szechuan Garden may have rebounded. They hit off strong, but then fell into the sickly-sweet category of Chinese cooking (mixed with a smidge of cloying and gloppy).

                      Anyways, not Chinese in practice, but in theory and perhaps in kitchen staffing, Chance on Smith Street serves the best "Asian" lunch special in the neighborhood. I've given up on Chinese food in the area, but have added Chance into my weekly lunch rotation. It's fresh and tasty, and not subject to the tortures other Chinese ingredients receive in neighborhood spots.

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                        I echo the vote for Szechuan Garden. I have ordered from Andy's and Lichee Nut frequently (before SG opened), and SG is Far, Far superior. That being said, I prefer Szechuan style cooking to any other Chinese regional cuisine, and find the dishes at Andy's and Lichee Nut sweet, flavorless and/or insipid. I think that the Szechuan dishes on the SG menu are actually quite good. The menu is modeled after Grand Sichuan in Manhattan although is not as good. For the neighborhood, it's definitely the best around. I generally get the Smoky hot shredded beef with spicy capsicum or the shredded spicy beef with dried tofu. Both are quite spicy and have a depth of flavor not found anywhere on the menus of Andy's, Lichee Nut or certainly Chance. To be fair, the difference between those places and the Americanized-chinese offerings at Szechuan Garden menu is less dramatic and my husband might actually prefer Andy's for General Tso's, Kung Pao, etc. But I'll pick Szechuan Garden every time. The szechuan pork wontons or chengdu wontons are awesome as well.

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                          Grand Sichuan House in bayridge has a fish dish off menu: fish family style. not sure what it is but ill be getting it soon.