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Apr 28, 2009 07:47 AM

Kif in Fort Greene

Went to Kif for the first time on Sunday night. It seems to not have made much of an impression on the CH boards, which surprised me as it was pretty good. I was feeling North African and was deciding between it and Babouche on Fifth Ave, which seems to inspire much scorn for its pricing and so-so food. I was glad I picked Kif.

Nice inside, especially the garden part, and the food was tasty. Hubby raved about his Kif Burger (in pita bread mixed with nuts and some other things, with yogurt and goat cheese) and said he would drag people here to try it. Mom loved her lamb tagine (the lamb is steeped in spices for 24 hrs, the owner told us). My couscous royale was not as good as theirs, but, with an extra helping of sauce and harissa, was fine (and very large). For appetizers, the sweet chicken-in-phyllo parcels with spicy sour sauce were great, as were the salted cod-balls. The Moroccan beer was also unusual and excellent.

Decent pricing; slowish service; vibe was mellow and nice. Give it a try.

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  1. my daughter went and liked it. Terrible name though, if they want to attract people for the FOOD. Have you tried Fez yet?

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      Speaking of Fez, I was there on Sunday for brunch. We sat under the canopy in the garden where it was quiet and breezy. I had one of the best beet salads I've had in ages and the babaganoush (sp?) was superb. It was a delightful experience.