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Apr 28, 2009 07:34 AM

ISO Authentic Portuguese in Toronto

I'm looking for a Portuguese resto, anywhere downtown, for an anniversary dinner. I really want traditional Portuguese, with a nice ambiance. I'm not looking for something as contemporary as Chiado. I'm really craving a whole, grilled fish, so that would be a bonus.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Piri Piri on Dupont does whole grilled fish, is fairly reasonable, and has a decent selection of Portuguese wines. Fairly casual atmosphere.

    1. I was going to suggest Piri Piri as well. They do fish well.
      I also like Banaboia (on Rogers near Keele), but I much prefer their meat dishes to their fish (my fave is the Carne de Porco à Alentejana). It's a family owned restaurant and the service is impeccable.

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      1. re: Hondapendragon

        i'd like to see this as well, i was in portugal in feb. i've been to piri piri, it's more of a churascerra (?), the fish was good tho. i've been on the hunt since i got back and haven't found anything yet....

        i'd love to have a good portuguese octopus salad....

        1. re: Hondapendragon

          Piri Piri is great. I wasn' crazy about the grilled calamari, however. Overcooked.

        2. Long time since I was there, but I recall Amadeu's, on Augusta Ave in Kensington Market, being pretty good (though Imuch prefer Chiado!).