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Apr 28, 2009 06:46 AM

Where to buy stone crabs - Hollywood

Will be in Hollywood over the weekend and would love a stone crab dinner with friends - but not a restaurant. Where would be the best place to buy around Hollywood and what are they running per pound? A perfect meal would start with stone crabs, continue with grouper, and end with goodies from Geno's.

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  1. You can go to BILLY'S STONE CRAB in Hollywood. This is a restaurant and a Market. You can definitely get fair priced stone crabs at Billy"s.
    * Address: 400 N. Ocean Drive, Hollywood, FL 33019-1411
    * Phone: (954) 923-2300

    1. We have been buying stone crabs this season at Triar Seafood Co. at 2046 McKinley Street in Hollywood. Phone 954-921-1113. Their stone crabs are delicious (and so is their fish) and their prices are excellent!

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        Agree. Only problem is that they are closed on weekends.

      2. Thanks for the replys so far!
        What are they running a pound?
        Is Billy's the old Joe Sonkens Gold Coast?
        I arrive Thursday so the place on McKinley is good - and closer to where I'm staying!

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          Last time we had them, for jumbos, about $20 per lb. If you get in on Thursday, pick them up on Friday (I think before 2:00 p.m.). Just don't have them cracked and crack them when you want to. Also, if you want grouper, theirs is as fresh as it comes. If you buy it on Thursday, it will be fine on Friday or Saturday! Enjoy!!!

          1. I bought larges at Pen Dutch on monday for $10.99 a pound.

            1. Went to Penn Dutch - 10.99 for large and they were fresh. Also on sale were whole tenderloins at 4.99 or 5.99 a pound. We had a great meal topped with wonderful italian desserts from Gino's. Doesn't get much better......