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Dinner in Rockport

I'm going to be up in Rockport for a couple of days at the end of May. Can anyone recommend a good place for an early (6:00 a.m.) breakfast and a good and reasonable place for dinner?

Thanks, magick

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  1. The Lobster Pool is a must for dinner on a nice day.

    1. Flav's Red Skiff for sure for breakfast with the locals on Main St: http://www.roadfood.com/Reviews/Overv...

      Roy Moore Lobster Company, 39 Bearskin Neck, 978-546-6696, for lobster & other seafood in the rough - sit out back over the water.

      1. For breakfast try the Red Skiff.

        1. Lograsso's for dinner. BYOB. Seafood/Italian, excellent! Used to be a deli by day and dressed up for dinner at night but now I think it is nothing but dinner service.

          1. Here's the link describing our Lobster Pool visit on 4/25/09. We have eaten there a lot over the years and the food experience is mixed. Sometimes they're on and sometimes not. Last Friday, not so good. The view out back is great and you can bring your own wine/whatever.


            1. Don't know if they are open at 6, but the Greenhouse (I think that;s the name, right on Rocky Neck) has an excellent breakfast.

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              1. I grew up in Rockport, so I would love to make a solid reccomendation in Rockport, but Rockport shoots from the hip when it comes to food. Gloucester is the palce to be. The Roy Moore suggestion is good for eating what the locals eat. I'm a wine geek so I do like Lograsso's for a BYO.

                In Gloucester, the best dining is at Duckworths Bistrot, Azorean Restaurant, Passports, Latitude 43, Lobsta Land and Madfish Grill. For Pizza, Valentinos. Subs, Destinos (free pasta salad!). Classic fried seafood at Charlie's or at the Causeway Restaurant.

                Breakfast for us was always at the Coffee Shop, the Red Skiff or Michael's (all in Rockport). I'm not a breakfast guy so I can't say one is better than the other...

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                  I just met a chef who has a restaurant in Rockport this weekend and asked him the same exact question. He also recommended going to Gloucester. He mentioned Halibut Point,

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                    I only ate there once (the restaurant, not the park). The salmon was overcooked, but I have come to the conclusion that I think everyone overcooks salmon, so...

                2. Flav's for breakfast, if you go to Gloucester try Sugar Mags for breakfast. For dinner My Place is very good as is Emerson Inn and Lobster Pool. In Gloucester Franklin Cafe, La Tratoria, Causeway for casual seafood.

                  1. Two Sisters in Gloucester for an excellent breakfast with some Gloucester attitude. Can't beat the Lobster Pool for dinner, and the prices are relatively reasonable this year.

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                      Went to 2 Sister's in the past, the absolute worst breakfast I've had in a while, the skimpiest omelette, awful homefires and horrid coffee that I had to beg for a refill. I'd pass on them.

                    2. just went up to rockport this past saturday. had lunch at harborview fish shack which is a block away from the beginning before bearskin neck. apparently it is owned by the folks at roy moore lobster company. i had a wonderful meal.

                      we had the following.

                      clam chowder: so-so
                      mussels: very good
                      boiled lobster: excellent, came with cole slaw or fries ( i chose cole slaw)
                      fried sole sandwich: very good

                      meal also came with warm bread which is a nice surprise. i plan to return every warm day of summer.

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                        As a kid, we would go to Ellen's (Harborside) for special occasions. I did not know it is now owned by Kenny (the owner of Roy Moore). Classic family-friendly food. Given the choice, go to Charlie's in Gloucester for lobster bisque and fried cheeks. As for lobster, go straight to the source and get bugs from Kenny at Roy Moore. As an aside, I think you must mean "steamed" lobster not "boiled". No self-respecting Rockporter would boil the flavor out of lobster.

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                          that's what it said on the menu. boiled. not broiled, not steamed. in another post, i read that roy moore boils the lobsters in sea water.