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Apr 28, 2009 06:16 AM

best sangria-manhattan

looking for really good sangria in the city (preferably manhattan). like it a little on the sweet side. good food is definitely a bonus...especially if they have great gazpacho.

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  1. although i'm not a huge fan of the food the sangria at boqueria is amazing. they have 3 different kinds. i had the pink version it was delicious. also crazy as it sounds i remember tony dinapolis having great sangria.

    1. I had the sangaria at Calle Ocho last week for the first time in years. I thought it was phenomenal.

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        Yuca Bar has very good (and strong) sangria....also a half pitcher is only $15 during happy hour. The food is pretty good...a bit hit or miss though.

        1. re: ukitali

          I concur. The sangria, both red and white, were very potent and really delicious. On a recent trip there, I downed a couple of pitchers with friends and we snacked on the yuca fries. The fries are pretty good (I've definitely had better), but the onion salsa garnish in the dish was the star for me.

      2. Calle Ocho sangria is pretty good. I found it a bit strong though. They have a great deal for brunch - unlimited sangria buffet (8 different types) for the price of your entree. They offer this on Sat. and Sun. I personally prefer the sangria at Rosa Mexicano.

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          I thought the opposit. ha...incredibly reasonable for brunch on SUNDAY though.

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            It should be mentioned that Calle Ocho has several different types of sangria that they serve at the brunch ranging from heavy and sweet (as in the Harlem) to tart and light (as in the lychee-flavored sangria).

          2. I'm a big fan of the sangria at Itzocan Bistro (Lex and 101). The food is great, as well.

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                Victor's Cafe makes an excellent White Sangria too!!!!!!!

            1. I know nothing about the quality of the sangria at Cuba (or anywhere - I don't like sangria), but as per, it is $5 during Monday happy hour, if that's a draw for you.

              The Deal: Extended happy hour, $5 sangria, mojitos, caprinhas, $4 beers, $5 appetizers.
              When/Where: Monday nights 4 - 10 p.m.; 222 Thompson St., 212-420-7878.