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Apr 28, 2009 05:54 AM

Pizza Land - Pizza, Indian, Chinese & Subs

I guess we live within the delivery zone of Pizza Land, for we recently received a flyer for this fascinating sounding place in the 7000 block of Burnet Rd. The menu states that "this is the first Halal food place in Austin".

They offer, apparently, rather a wide range of menu items:

- Pizzas (including one with gyro meat)
- Chicken nuggets and wings
- Indian (seven fairly uncommon dishes, can only be ordered in advance)
- Chinese (fried rice dishes only, can only be ordered in advance)
- Salads
- Desserts: baklava, cheese cake

Open until 3 am weeknights and 5 am weekends, and they deliver. Wow.

I think I will stop by soon just to investigate the ownership of this place. I'll report back if I actually try anything.

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  1. The first halal place? There are several in Austin... Sarah's Mediterranean Grill, Shalimar, Alborz...