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Apr 28, 2009 05:20 AM


Am going to Babbo with my wife who is a non adventourous light eater.She will probably order a primi pasta and maybe a contorni. What is best stategy for me who is an adventourous eater.(due to health reasons i can not eat more than half a pasta dish)

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  1. Can I ask you to clarify what you mean when you say you can't eat more than half a pasta dish? Do you mean that for you it will be half a pasta dish and that's it, you're done, or do you mean that that's all the pasta you can eat and then it will have to be something else, non-pasta based, like protein and veggies? Without knowing that, it's hard to answer, but my quick reaction would be to tell you to look at the menu and order whatever a) you've never had before that b) your wife would be least likely to try. :)

    More suggestions to come once I know if you're also shopping in the secondi section...

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      Sorry for confusion. Have to limit carbs to 1/2 plate. otherwise everything else is fine.

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        Took a look at what's on the pasta menu right now--nothing there is what I would consider to be very adventurous, in any case, so I'll just suggest delicious--the goat cheese tortelloni or the pumpkin lune or Domingo's Pyramids (it's on the pasta tasting menu, but I've never had them say no to serving a tasting menu pasta as a stand-alone primi). For antipasti, try the octopus--I can't eat it, but dining companions have recommended it highly. For secondi, the sweetbreads or the bunny.

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          Get the duck or pork chop theyre amazing.

      2. This has been discussed many times before. Search is your friend.

        What to order at Babbo

        For you, the adventurous eater, I would get a primi, split a pasta with your wife, and get a secondi. For the primi, pig's foot or tripe are good. For the pastas, if you don't get one of the raviolis, everything else is pretty accessible. BTW, if it says spicy, it's usually on the mild side, with a tiny bit of spice for balance. The pumpkin lune are very accessible, as are the spaghetti/etc. dishes. Don't shy away from asking your server for guidance. The know the menu quite well. For secondi, sweetbreads. Or you can get the lamb chops or pork chop if you think you want to split with your wife.

        For your wife, the non-adventuous eater: primi, split pasta with you, and a contorni. For the primi, is octopus or tongue too out there for her? What about a salumi plate? The contorni are usually seasonal so it's hard to make a recommdenation but if you are going soon my guess is that they might include ramps, asparagus, etc. But is that enough food for her? Does she plan on eating the entire contorni herself?