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Apr 28, 2009 04:40 AM

Dining Pawleys Island; Bove and High Hammock

So I had dinner out this week on Saturday night at Bove and last night at High Hammock.

Both were excellent and lived up to the hype.

High Hammock was a bit more expensive than Bove.


Bove: appetizer Tuscan Sausage Parmasian (OMG!!) and mac and cheese for dinner. Husband had the roasted portk.

Dinner for two with two glasses of wine and tip $35

High Hammock:

Tuna tartar for me and the fried oysters for him. We split the veggie plate also. Dinner for two with two drinks each and tip $75 (in all fairness we had three entrees).

Both were excellent and you cannot go wrong dining at either.

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  1. I was by the High Hammock this week while shopping and everyone looked to be enjoying themselves....where did you get seated? The building looks lovely.

    I am glad to hear Bove was good I had heard some mixed reviews but it sounds like they have worked out the kinks. I have to say I AM SURPISED at how inexpensive.

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    1. re: LaLa

      Yes, it is pretty inexpensive. I'd say Bove is priced along the lines of an Outback Steakhouse.

      High Hammock is simply lovely and we sat outside at the bar. They seem to be having some staff problems. We went on a Monday night and it took a while for our service to even out.

      We'll definitely be back to both but probably not as often to HH. Bartender told me for the time being they are serving off SNOB's menu.

    2. Can you tell me where Bove & High Hammock are? We're going to be in Myrtle Beach for a week in June & would love to try them out. Thanks.

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      1. re: Jerzeegirl

        Both are in Pawleys Island on the mainland.

        Heading South, Bove is right before the Sonic on the right and High Hammock is a little further south on the left in the Hammock Shops.

        1. re: BlueHerons

          Thanks. This is our third trip down & I know the general area where you mean, so we should be able to find them. We love the Murrells Inlet area & have been to Drunken Jack's & Dead Dog. Are there any other restaurants in that area you'd recommend we try this trip?

      2. Thanks, I'm heading down to PI this weekend. Will try at least one of these for sure.

        1. Have never heard of Bove. I assumed your were referring to Bovine's but replies suggest otherwise. What type restaurant is Bove?

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          1. You are definately right BlueHerons! The Mac and Cheese is to die for! Add some chicken, shrimp or sausage for a small additional charge, and its even better! May I also suggest the scallop small plate? OMG also to die for! My husband and I frequent there at least once a week. Their happy hour is from 4-6... and wow what a deal! Domestic beers are only $2.00! That is a steal in pawleys island!

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            1. re: macorner

              I didn't know their happy hour was that great.

              Did you try the sausage parmesian (or whatever the name is)? Fabulousity!