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Apr 27, 2009 11:28 PM

What else to get at Ruen Pair?

Although I've had some great food at Ruen Pair in the past, the last few times I've gone I've ended up ordering food that turned out to be not terribly interesting. Could someone please steer me to any other dishes that they do really well?

I've tried:
Fried green mussels -- fried in a tempura-ish batter, very heavy, tasty but I suspect Americanized.
Tofu and ground pork soup -- OK, but bland. I'd rather have a nice bowl of pho.
Red and Panang curry -- ordered by my dining companions. Panang was acceptable, red wasn't. I understand that curries aren't their specialty.
Papaya salad with raw crab -- Fantastic. Crab was very, very sweet and delicate. But I can only eat this when I go alone; raw crab squicks my friends.
Spicy pork salad -- the pork is a bland white spam-like substance sliced into quarter-rounds, entirely forgettable, in a spicy citrus dressing that is good, but not good enough to rescue the dish.
Roasted duck over rice -- I think this is supposed to be their specialty. It was worth the $6, but I wouldn't drive across town for it.
Spicy catfish -- Fried catfish slices in a chili sauce. Very tasty. Very spicy, too.
Black egg and basil -- Not a complex dish, but I like black egg so I keep ordering it. Getting a little tired of it, though.
Stir fried morning glory -- Jonathan Gold says this is the place to get your morning glory; to me it just tasted like stir-fried green things. I liked Jitlada's version better, even though Jitlada left out the chilis. :(

What am I missing?

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    1. re: neobite

      Thanks, dunno how I missed that.

      On my list of things to try are:
      broccoli with crispy pork
      nam tok beef
      crispy fish salad
      pork w/ chinese olives
      cha po

      Dunno if I can bring myself to order wonton soup...

      1. re: Bjartmarr

        Be sure to order porridge with the "rice soup a la carte" dishes. Though they usually assume that you want it, I've been a couple times when it wasn't automatically included. Each order is $1.

    2. There's a great dish, i think it's called Pad Prik King or something like that. It's order number is somewhere around #52 and they have a picture of it on the menu.