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Apr 27, 2009 10:41 PM

Calgary Performing Arts Centre Weekend Lunch

This is similar to YYCSpeedy's request but for a lunch prior to a Saturday matinee and a lower price point. The only thing I can come up with right now is Avenue Diner.

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  1. Oops, sorry, we're actually going to Vertigo Theatre in the Calgary Tower, but it's still the same general area.

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    1. re: Jasz

      Murrieta's might be open for lunch.

      200 – 808 First Street SW
      Calgary, Alberta
      Ph. 403-269-7707

      1. re: Jasz

        Avenue diner is a pretty good option, no doubt.
        Parker house has gotten good reviews for their brunch.
        Orchid Room in banker's hall? Never been there, so can't say.
        Or you could go really downscale and have a vietnamese sub at Atomic* on 1st st. not as good as Thi-thi, but decent, and a lot handier to the calgary tower.

        1. re: marcopolo

          We love Orchid Room- good rec.

          Is that shawarma place (pita something) in Burns Bldg open on Saturdays? Really excellent chicken shawarma!

          DeVille in Art Central has excellent sandwiches and soups and it's definitely open saturdays- oh they also do a charcuterie plate and have EXCELLENT pastries and some of the best coffee in the world (Intelligentsia).

          On a roll now- you're just a few blocks south of Chinatown so maybe hit up Han's, Calgary Court, cupcake at Bliss?

          Also on the coffeehouse theme- Caffe Artigiano has delicious, creative panini and is open both sat and sun.

          If worst comes to worst- the food courts at all of Bankers Hall, Eaton Centre and TD Sq are open saturdays.

      2. Walking distance there are lots of choices, just not a lot of them are open for lunch on the weekends. Thomsons at the Hyatt is open weekends but may be running their brunch menu. Centini's doesn't appear to be open, nor is Divino.

        Further afield there are a lot of interesting places in Inglewood, Dean House for instance. Rouge is closed for lunch until June. Jacqueline Suzannes might be another option in that neighbourhood...again I'm not sure if they run brunch on Sat or not.

        1. I'd recommend Milestone's, really close to CT and good brunch menu. Avenue Diner is good too but more like breakfast food than lunch and likely lined up so you'd have to allow extra time. Sky360 is open for brunch as well but pretty expensive.