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Apr 27, 2009 09:50 PM

XIV or Beso?

I'm holding a birthday dinner but I still need to decide on XIV or Beso.

I have not been to either of them and wanted to hear some opinions on both restaurants before I made my decision.

1. Better food?
2. Decor?
3. How was the whole experience (service, environment, etc...)?

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  1. I've never been to XIV, but I found Beso to be embarrassingly bad food-wise. The space is impressive in a Vegas-y sort of way, but the menu is uninspired and insanely expensive.

    The service was fine.

    Why not go to Bazaar or Rivera and get great food and the scene if you are inclined to spend that kind of dough?

    1. Absolutely, without a doubt XIV.
      Simply some of the best food in LA right now.
      The service is impeccable(every slightest detail is involved in the best service I've ever experienced), the food is incomparable and the lighting and design is beautiful.
      You will love it.

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        I'm leaning more towards XIV now