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Apr 27, 2009 09:41 PM

Looking for the best burger in WA

So far my list consist of

1. Blazing Onions
2. Red mill
3. Dicks
4. Red Robin
5. Jack in the Box

I know theres more out there but cant seem to find any place that
serves the best.

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  1. Put my vote in for Red Mill. Kidd Valley is pretty good as well. Great milkshakes.

    1. Quinn's
      Lunchbox Laboratory

      1. I have't tried Blazing Onions, but definitely prefer Red Mill to the others you have listed. Lunchbox Lab's supposed to be good, but more expensive.

        1. Teddy's Bigger Burgers in Woodinville is my current fave. I just wish they'd add roasted green chiles to their topping menu.

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          1. re: gmm

            Thanks for this tip. Haven't had a Teddy's since Hawaii. Glad to hear a franchise has opened. The burger with pastrami is a killer(in more ways than one).

          2. Dusty's in Ephrata
            Miners in Yakima